Looking for a certain type of sampler

Im looking for a sampler, specifically, just a sample player that allows me to play back WAV files and use the Arcs controller to adjust playback speed so as to essentially emulate a direct drive turntable, also enabling me to essentially stop playback and have the playback then be 100% dependent on the Arc’s rotation / momentum. in the same way that if you started playing a record on a Technics 1200, then turned the power off and allowed it to slow down but used your hands to adjust the speed of the turntable to increaste / decrease playback… Hopefully with a choice of methods to control the time stretching from the expected Pitch increase / decrease. or to non pitch based time stretching…

I have previously used a Norns thing called MANGL, which is great and im looking for something new quite close to this, just not Granular in its time stretching…

Thanks for any recommendations.

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im pretty sure “arc → ansible → w/” would do this!!


Will. check. thank ouu

Do you use Max? I built a max patch that basically does this with Arc. Or are you looking for it to be on Norns specifically?

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Hi. I can try a Max thing, yes, that would be cool. pls gve me the info :grinning:

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So what I have built is a looper that lets you load in a sample. For now it automatically chops it down to the first 2 seconds from the sample you load. Arc E1 controls the playback speed of the sample (forward and reverse). E2 controls the speed of the stop (from instant stop to 2 seconds). E3 controls the start point of the loop, and E4 controls the size of the loop up to 2 seconds for now. Hitting the space bar is the “off” button on the record player which causes it to slow down to stop. I think all of the parts are there to shape this into what you are be talking about. If you have any questions let me know!
arc-looper.maxpat (65.7 KB)

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Gracias. :dizzy:
ill take a loook