Looking for alpha testers for website


Hi everyone,

I am learning about synthesis, and made a website that allows users to create various single cycle waveforms.
I am now planning an alpha release by the end of the week, and would like some feedback from users.
Since this is a very specific tool, i believe that people from llllllll.co are probably the best users to give me some good feedback.

the waveforms for now are either 16 or 32 bit, with different samplerates, and are generated with a specified frequency (no wavetables for now).

Ideal users would have samplers that can use single cycle waveforms (like op-1 or digitakt) or maybe some VST instruments that allow that functionality as well.

Please let me know if you are interested.

P.S. this only is known to work in the latest google chrome version and firefox (not got around to cross browser support yet)



I’m definitely interested in this!


I’ll get back to you as soon as i make it available online.


I’m in and have the OP-1.


Sounds interesting. Do you plan on uploading wavetables as well?


No problem for giving feedback.

I could try the waveforms with the “Sample” Reaktor module in Oscillator Mode.


Would be happy to try the website, but am by no means an expert. I’ve got an OP-1, but also use renoise and have been looking for single-cycle waveforms.


No uploads, you generate them on the website. I need to learn more about wavetables (sizes and formats) and create that functionality.


I’ve got an OP1 I could do some testing with. I’d be happy to help make some!


I wonder if I could use this with my 2hp sample module. I’m in.


I have an octatrack that I can test these on if you want.


I’m interested to try it. Single cycle waveforms are useful in the ER-301 either for an oscillator or for sample mapping (similar to WMD Geiger Counter). They also can be used in Maschine’s sampler.

WaveEdit format (SynthTech E352 & E370, Harvestman Piston Honda mk3) is simply 16 bits, 256 samples per cycle, 64 cycles in a bank file. It can import other files too but that’s the native size. Serum also has little trouble importing wavetables in various formats and I often use it to translate from my own recordings to WaveEdit.

But depending on what the tool offers, this may be better as a single cycle waveform designer, which can then be imported into other tools to create wavetables?


I’d be interested. I’ve got a Digitakt and have been meaning to dig into that side of it.

(You’re probably aware of this editor which looks pretty full-featured? I’ve seen it recommended for the Digitakt, haven’t tried it yet though)


Thanks for the interest shown everyone! This has surpassed my expectations!
@Starthief yes, WaveEdit & @naxuu those both were my inspirations. i really like them.

This is a website i am developing in order to learn both synthesis (at least try) and frontend development frameworks.

My website allows functionality similar to those, and they probably are better. i do offer other functionalities, which i don’t think they offer(or i haven’t found them yet)

As for wavetables, i have created a task to implement those in the future, but first i need to get this part running at least moderately good.

I am just cleaning things up and preparing everything to publish the website.


hey! i’d love to be in as well. i have a e-352 and ER-301 that both could use and test the new single cycles. thanks!


I have a model:samples. I’d love to load up some new single cycle waves.


I have octatrack, ableton, MWXT and an op-1 if you need more people to try it out.


Hello everyone!
The first version is now live. I edited my original post with the link.

Please don’t publish the URL as of yet, i want to create a better version with your feedback first

I am only sharing this on the forum, because i like the community and i believe i can get good first impressions here.

Things to consider:

  1. I tested in Chrome and Firefox only. No devices like mobile phones or tablets (feel free to test).
  2. The code isn’t the best and i DO intend to improve the layout and functionality.
  3. Please give me feedback on what to improve
    1. Usability at the moment is quite important for me
    2. Exported audio issues are extremely important
    3. New functionality / generators are not as important yet
  4. https://github.com/bgc/waveformgenerator <- this is the page repository (the build version, not the source) if you have a github account feel free to create issues.

About the cookies/privacy, i think github places some cookies, i do not place any cookies. further ahead i do plan to migrate to another server and that will have NO cookies (at least tracking ones)

i hope you have fun.


Some fun synthesis methods included :slight_smile:

Some things I’d recommend:

  • defaulting to C 3, or something audible rather than needing to choose the frequency before playing.
  • displaying (and selecting?) the selected frequency in Hz as well as note/octave.
  • showing the length in samples (and being able to select it when saving). Some software that works with single cycle waveforms expects an exact length in samples, rather than being concerned about the sample rate and frequency.


Some quick feedback:

  • Very cool/nice! Really like it :heart:
  • I get pretty serious clicks when triggering a different note or when changing the harmonics
  • Like @Starthief mentioned maybe starting with something like C3 makes more sense, I initially thought it didn’t work because I wasn’t hearing anything on my crappy laptop speakers :stuck_out_tongue: