Looking for alpha testers for website


I’m not really an expert with github. How do I view the site? I did download the ZIP and opened it in the browser, but I only get a blank page.


You can view the site here https://bgc.github.io/waveformgenerator (it’s posted in the first post) :wink:


yeah, what @simonvanderveldt said. That is just for the hosting and issues.

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Looks quite interesting so far!

Some minor feedback:

  • Clicking the keys doesn’t seem to trigger play, took me a bit to figure out that you’ll have to use the play button to hear anything.
  • Maybe remember the octave / note across different generators?

Will take some more time to go trough this after work. Any plans of open sourcing this eventually?


@Starthief and @simonvanderveldt that C3 suggestion made perfect sense and the fix took 2 minutes. All done.

As for displaying the frequency, i created an issue. will look into it.
the serious clicks, i am well aware, but don’t really know how to fix it. i need help for that.

showing the length in samples (and being able to select it when saving). Some software that works with single cycle waveforms expects an exact length in samples, rather than being concerned about the sample rate and frequency

I believe this is wavetables. am i right? can you give me an example on the usage?


Yes, i will open source it after the initial feedback

  • Clicking the keys doesn’t seem to trigger play, took me a bit to figure out that you’ll have to use the play button to hear anything.

Maybe a tutorial when starting should be a good option

Maybe remember the octave / note across different generators

Created the issue, makes perfect sense.


@bgc regarding the “play” button: Is there a reason the sound can’t play when clicking on the keys without enabling the “play” button first? It would still be silent when opening the page (immediately starting sounds are super annoying :P) and I think it would match more with the user’s expectation if pressing a key just triggers the sound?

The sounds currently is a drone though, not a short gate, so some way to turn off the sound would then probably be needed.


I made it a drone so you could change the sound and hear instantly the changes.
That note mode would probably mask the horrible clicking sounds.


Displaying the frequency (rounded to 3 decimals) implemented, but you can’t choose a specific frequency yet, only notes

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Yeah, I think having a drone makes sense since it’s nice to get immediate feedback. I didn’t mean to suggest to get rid of the drone, just trying to figure out a simpler/more clear UX.

Maybe clicking a key can turn on the drone and highlight/give the key a color and clicking the key again stops the drone and removes the highlight?

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Issue created.

also, there are some magic keys i forgot to mention:

a, w, s, e, d, f, t, g, y, h, u, j

Keep the play/stop button but have it be enable if someone clicks on the keyboard button. Shouldn’t be hard!

The drone is a very logical idea. I also like how you can use the keyboard to play the sound. Good implementation!

I’d really like to see some more complex waveforms at some point. Instrument waveforms? I think the Roland JV, Fantom and XV series uses something like that for synthesis. That would also be cool.

Anyway, posted some issues on Github directly. Not sure if posting here is a good idea. Hope it helps!


Thanks! will look into that during the weekend.
The title inconsistency is done and i have deployed that fix. I transferred the issue from the deployment repository to the actual code repository for better management.


Yeah, it’s for wavetables.

Use the “hard” generator with a triangle wave. Import it into WaveEdit, and it’ll say F4 at 48Khz sample rate is 275 samples. F#4 is 260 samples, G4 is 245.

WaveEdit natively works with 256 samples per wave, but any power of 2 also works well – otherwise it’s messing with some imprecise fractions to try to scale it properly.

At 44.1kHz sample rate, F4 is 253 samples… so close but just wrong enough to mess up importing :laughing:

Offhand I don’t remember how importing single cycles into Serum works (I’m at work and don’t have it installed) – it might just work at any length, or you might have to know the number of samples per cycle.


Hi everyone!

I updated the website and it is now possible to generate wavetables.


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Finished the wavetable generators to be just like the single cycle versions.