Looking for collaborators on proposal for Index/Learning Center

What I was hoping to express with this:

IV. Each link in the INDEX could link to its own aggregation page, where relevant info could be further linked to. This would help with cross-indexing issues.

Was the idea that the most useful way to collect the large amount of diverse information (to my thinking) would be to have a single page with a list of “top level “ topics, each of which would link to its own page (or subpage further down), where all the various topically relevant links would be listed. In essence a kind of table of contents or master finding aid.

At that high level there wouldn’t be any deep substantive info, because that would quickly become hard to navigate…

Again, there is a lot of excellent info already available, the most challenging thing is finding it. Organic search on Lines produces a lot of learning-irrelevant links, like things for sale, etc…

Does that make sense?

Thanks for the input!


Thanks for clarifying. Yes, that makes loads of sense.

One more observation. The monome docs go a good way towards this goal but don’t include (and maybe shouldn’t include) some things that a comprehensive learning center model would need.

For my purposes, the INDEX would be based on the monome docs but add external resources and a more explicit newcomer focus. For example, the docs are great but implicitly assume some level of prior experience… That is fine, and my proposal is in no way intended as a criticism of the docs or a replacement for them. It is expressly intended to provide a more accessible on-ramp for newcomers which would also serve as a way to aggregate information in an easy to find fashion which I have to assume would be a helpful resource for members at all levels…

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is this index idea really just about navigation and a search feature on the existing docs content?

the blokas folks have a pretty good docs implementation using mkdocs: https://blokas.io/pisound/docs/

  • docs source hosted on github
  • integrated docs search
  • integrated TOC and navigation features as part of the mkdocs build
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Not sure why my mimeophone comment was posted here or vice verse…

Not exactly.

The proposal is to create an INDEX on Lines that would gather in one place, with a strong emphasis on easy accessibility for newcomers and a decent degree of cross-referencing, a wide range of learning supportive resources. This would hopefully include things that are not directly monome docs, such as external links, instructional and artistic videos, how to info on various programming languages, and more…

I don’t personally have the skill or knowledge to actually build this thing, but I do have a beginner’s mind, 26 years of college teaching, and a lawyer’s sense of non-technical information presentation… Plus quite a lot of anecdotal support from other members…

So I’m throwing this out to the community to see what might come of it…

Does that help?

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agreed. and, the wikis embedded in some posts help keep that manageable. if the central INDEX post was pinned in the category, that would keep it from getting lost, and it could link to the sub-posts for more info, like a file tree.

i’m not fixated on, or rigid about, this particular structure, just trying to brainstorm an on-ramp to the on-ramp, so this can get rolling.

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So… a kind of “getting started” pinned post?


I think that is the ticket!


default pinning on discourse unpins the topic for individual users once they’ve read to the bottom of the topic. but it seems like that’s been modified on lines? if so, that’s ideal.

also, not sure if it’s possible to pin multiple topics here, cursory searches not yielding info.

if this is the route we’re going, what category does the INDEX get pinned to? Monome?

this might still get vaguely buried within the lines ecosystem, but a link from the monome site could mitigate that for folks specifically arriving for learning purposes.

this is probably the best solve, if multiple pinned topics are a possibility here.

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update: multiple pinned topics in a category are a possibility. we’ll just need someone of the appropriate trust level to pin it for us.

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I really like the initiative… However I wonder if the bias against using monome.org/docs is based on a perception that we could change? The monome folks have demonstrated a firm dedication to the open-source credo, and I personally think a reciprocal dedication from the community by utilizing the open model proposed by using pull-requests on the https://github.com/monome/docs repo would be the best route. And it already is a sort of index that could be expanded on.

There is a lot of places to improve / expand the current monome ecosystem documentation. With places like the mannequins technical maps already existing for mannequins modules, I don’t know that they need as much of an improvement.

I see a big opportunity to improve the monome docs particularly around:

  • formatting: it’s difficult to see “links” in the content making it somewhat confusing to navigate.
  • formatting: default font size is too small
  • content: each page could have a “resources” section for outside links, a link-checker could be built into the doc repo that could recursively check all links for 400, 500 responses and report those as ways to clean up bad links in future PR’s
  • content: specific examples and sub-pages to expand on the technologies utilized by each of these items, i.e. supercollider, softcut, subsystems: maiden/matron/crone/etc…
  • functionality: a search function (would need to be built into the website/published code)

FYI If it seems daunting to navigate github, I would be willing to document/train folks via webinar perhaps on how this is done, it’s really not that hard, let me know… We can create “issues” for things that need done, and then organize work against those issues to accomplish the tasks at hand…


I’m all in for some GitHub training!

Thanks for your thoughts on this. The index had a brief life before being closed, but the idea generated some productive discussions which continue to resonate…



I didn’t realize I revived something that had run it’s course! My bad… Still though, I’ll see about finding a time that works for anyone who wants to learn some github process in a new thread later, or perhaps i’ll just write a simple set of documentation on how to do it, might be better…


No need for a new thread, there’s already a thread dedicated to github which includes some links and videos. I’m sure more would be welcome though.


@dan_derks recently did a great YouTube webinar on Crow m4l devices, which could serve as a model for other topical teachings…

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