Looking for ios clip launcher with mixing, iaa fx sends and midi cc mapping

does this exist? every app i’ve seen seems to have some of these features, but not all.

Why not stick with Ableton/Bitwig. iOS is just wasting your time on the long run

edit: since that sounds like some random bashing of iOS, here’s some more explanation. I’ve been trying hard to make iOS work for me, only to finally have to give up. Here’s my experience with it:

  • iOS lacks most things that make a computer an easy to use device for people making music. Sure, it feels very easy and intuitive on the surface, but it gets very complicated for basic things like sharing files across devices.
  • most software on iOS is focusing on few specific tasks, if you need something that covers a broader range (like a DAW) you are often out of luck. Though there is some more advanced software and many flavours of DAWs, as you have noticed, they always lack many things. After all… since Apple has created a “price dumping paradise” we can not expect anything else.
  • A lot of software is very buggy and unmature. Again… what else should we expect due to the nature of the app store market.
  • Things that really work effortlessly out of the box on macOS, are not always the same on iOS. getting MIDI to work usually requires a lot of fiddling around, if you run multiple apps and need them to work with each other, this also is messy (sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, the order in which you launch things sometimes matters… sometimes it’s just randomly not working, etc.)
  • personally I find that multi-touch does not work well for anything that has to be precise, which is often the case with musical software.
  • the iPad is still a computer, even if a bit of a dumbed-down one, so why not just go with the real deal?

This said, iOS can still work well if you treat the iPad as an instrument and just use it run one app (eg. Samplr is a great one!). But for more complex things, like what you are after I feel that a good ol’laptop will spare you a lot of banging your head against walls.


The long awaited BeatMaker 3, should have all of these features when its released next month.

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I think ModStep might do all that you mentioned, but I don’t remember if it launches audio clips.

I think you may be able to get all the way there with a few apps together, like Novation’s Launchpad app into Audiobus or Aum to handle mixing/IAA

@papernoise yuuuup. i share your sentiments and have no intention of abandoning ableton - just testing the waters to see if anyone has built something like this yet. the answer seems to be almost :slight_smile:

looking forward to beatmaker3 @koam - very ambitious!

@rknLA - i checked out modstep, this would be perfect if they had better support for loops. seems the sample engine is built around one-shots - not impossible to work with but not ideal.

Did you check this one?

seems to tick a lot of boxes.

lol. yeah, um that seems to be exactly what i was looking for. thanks!

Yeah I’ve used LP-5 in a few jams, seems to work fine. Also can be paired with AUM for more routing options.

I know the developer, he lives like 20 min from here, and he’s a pretty thorough guy, so it should work well. I also have his TR drum machine app and that had the best MIDI sync implementation on iOS I’ve ever seen. I used to use it to smooth out the external clock so other apps wouldn’t keep loosing the sync.