Looking for percussion step sequencer

What I want is a performance oriented percussion step sequencer to run in conjunction with Live 9 and my Launchpad Pro (sorry, don’t have a monome…)

Think Circadian Rhythms but not Eurorack…

An M4L device would be fine. The MaxForLive site has several… but none seem work in Live 9 and/or with the LP Pro.

I’ve tried the Launchpad95 and Pro95 replacements for the standard Novation remote script- but they have been buggy and no longer work with the new Scale mode.

I actually wrote my own (in Haskell, nonetheless!) - but it runs “outboard”: Launchpad Mini -> my app -> Live, which means the integration isn’t great.

Thoughts? Suggestons? Directions?


Is there some kind of bridging solution which would allow you to run the excellent http://www.markeats.com/sequencer/ ?

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[quote=“mzero, post:1, topic:4206”]
I actually wrote my own (in Haskell, nonetheless
[/quote]may i take a look?

how are you enjoying haskell/tidal?

Not exactly lacking for girds here…

:grinning: - just need a better way to utilize them!


nice! :slight_smile:

Here is an early demo video:

The current code base has a few more features. The current manual is here:
Crunch 0.5 (sorry, it’s a google presentation)

The code in Haskell isn’t yet open source… but will be. As for Haskell, I love Haskell and choose for almost all my coding projects when I can.


Also - that’s Launcpad95’s sequencer running on the mini.

nice i haven’t really gotten into haskell but am researching it for my uses

if you have any tips/resources that helped you i’m all ears

Currently somewhat deep in the throes of a similar project (but specifically targetting common lisp on linux, with a mind to eventually deploying on some kind of arm / nuc)…

was pretty interesting skimming through your manual slides, definitely food for thought in terms of UI - I’m now targetting monome / mpd-pads though & it’s a pretty different beast. I really like the gesture to chain phrases together into loops - straightforward & effective, kind of shaking up my thinking a bit! Take it there’s no subsequent visual feedback / editing for loops?

Congrats for pushing something as far along as you have, though I guess something like this is never ‘finished’! Mine’s been stewing/dormant for months/years - it’s taken a long time till I found a solid-enough route through all the external plumbing, but no more technical blockages holding me back now - everything’s rock-solid & lightning-fast (barring usb-unplug singularities), just conceptual/interface challenges…