Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider


I know there are tons of experimental and play-testing sound files on the web, but I’m more curious to hear some of the more polished end product and was wondering if anyone might point me to a few that you have discovered?

This can be any existing professional artists whom you know utilizes SuperCollider a lot for their work, or perhaps promising budding artists on soundcloud or bandcamp with polished tracks or albums that have caught your attention.

thanks in advance!

(Computer Music) Beginner looking for advice/guidance

not sure if it is bad form to promote your own stuff but :wink: I’ve been reviewing my last years sound cloud with a view to making a couple of compilations to put on streaming services and I found this

entirely on SC - hasn’t been near a DAW (it probably should have had a bit of mixing/production but it’s not too bad)

SC is now a firm part of my creative toolkit but I rarely do anything using a single tool


i guess Nick Collins uses SuperCollider :slight_smile:


Some parts of Simon Scott’s albums were created using Supercollider.


Awesome stuff:

And, from @frankchannel:


Ambient News = Cylob
Cylob ist rad


The great Swedish band Tape uses SC along with a number of other instruments.

Added link https://youtu.be/QHRf-47z59s



The sc140 project was a quite nerdy artistic challenge: a SuperCollider track in maximum 140 characters, which used to be the length of one tweet.

Tracks on the Internet Archive.


I love everything about the idea of tweet sized music! Fredrik Olofsson has a twitter timeline full supercollider sketches. Wonder if there’s a player to easy consume this.


Yes, it’s called “SuperCollider” :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of that one! But it doesn’t run on my phone afaik?


I’ll chime in with links to this page on the SuperCollider site, plus Sam Pluta, and my own albums Iris and Sⁿ


Jeff Carey is excellent:


Curtis Roads Music:


and Florian Hecker has uses programs that are coded in SuperCollider



This seems to have some Super Collider, some Max also.



Oh I almost forgot one of my favorite pieces using SuperCollider by Jascha Narveson Lament for Solo Computer (2005)


leaving this here


I think I remember Squarepusher using SC for things