Looking for recommendations on music made with SuperCollider



Norah Lorway does wonderful stuff with Supercollider and Tidal.
Here’s her latest…


As far as I’m aware, Jeremy Keenan uses SC a lot, if not exclusively.
Some epic atmospheric feedback mangling in there. I particularly like ‘Zapffe’.


Check out Michael Flora’s stuff:


Nice find! This is a definite buy here. Thanks for posting the link. :ok_hand:t2:


Oh this is cool to see… Norah’s my supervising lecturer at Falmouth Uni.




Bit late on this one but this was posted by @Ali_Rasulovitch in the first few months of my being on lines, and I still listen to it quite often. So inspiring in terms of what sc is capable of. There’s a nice discussion of the process here as well.


Was that tape made on SC though? I know he’s working with it more now, but the transition on when his material went from PD to SC is a bit fuzzy. Curious now.


Really cool records! Thanks for sharing…


idk. i just assumed since every time i’ve played with him in the last couple years it’s been pure SC and sounded pretty similar


Cool, well, it’s been a few years since I met him and he was in the PD zone. Not sure when he made the transition. Not doubting, just was curious about the break point in his work.