Looking for some guidance with grids and max

hello all.

i’m trying to develop some applications for myself, with the goal of creating an interface for me to play laptop while also playing drumset. i have a 128 and a 64, i’d like to use both - the 128 as more of a playing surface, the 64 as more of a control surface.

the grid studies lesson is fantastic but i find myself moving away from wanting to use a grid as a step sequencer. for a previous project i partitioned my 128 into a sequencer and a set of toggles for control purposes. my question is - what is the best way to use a monome to send information without having to poll that information with a metro/step sequencer? much of my music either doesn’t have a tempo or has a highly variable tempo so i want to avoid the use of clocks when possible.

i was able to use the grid to toggle, but it involved using a ton of sends and receives, and i can’t help but feel like there must be a better way, especially since i don’t want everything to have to be a toggle. it would be nice to basically have a gridded keyboard.

does anyone know of any resources for me to get there? any good applications to take a look inside?

thank you.

Well the nice thing about the grid is that it is versitile enough to be used many different ways. And in general you don’t need to make anything more complicated than it needs to be because the grid doesn’t get in your way.

Maybe you could provide a clearer example of what you’re trying to do? What kind of data is required to be polled constantly? Building a keyboard would be nice and could be done a variety of ways. Would you want something monophonic or polyphonic? What other features would it have? Would you be using it to control a synth externally or would you want a synth in max?

I do a lot of beatless music myself so I can identify with some of those difficulties.