Looking for suggestions on Aleph + Mother-32 integration

Local synth meetup next Tuesday and I get my Mother-32 unit next Monday. They are looking for presenters and I thought I’d volunteer. I think the uniqueness of the Aleph coupled with the entry level interest in the Mother would make for a good presentation. Based on the specs of the Mother-32, does anyone see any low hanging fruit in the form of gaps in its functionality I could fill in via Aleph. I already know the use of an LFO to oscillate between the two available waveforms would be nice. Obviously there are a few different ways you could go with this using either the lines or waves module. I’ve gone through the Aleph tutorials and see potential in using the modulation portion and the preset portion in my demo, but of course I’m open to further ideas.

Thanks in advance for any help, I see this as a great opportunity to give Monome some facetime with a synth most of these people are interested in already. Being able to show them how quickly the Mother’s functionality can be expanded on is sort of the goal. Hopefully I can inspire a local programmer to join the Monome community and contribute.

Sounds like a cool event

the best i can do is tag some help for you
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Yeah I guess what I’m really asking is how most people are using the aleph right now. It’s not that I don’t have an idea of what I’m going to do already as I’ve seen others mention what I have in mind. ill probably just go with lines, add some modulation capability and some preset sequencing. Clock synced/divided from the Mother and maybe a foot pedal. I just thought I’d ask as this unit makes a great companion to quickly explore the capabilities of the Aleph. It also appears to be the point of entry into eurorack for tons of people. Ill share whatever I come up with if its worth sharing over the coming months in case someone else got the Moog itch.