Looking To Build Stripboard LFO / Wave Shaper By Magic Smoke Electronics


I’m look at building The 8K LFO and Wave Shaper. The Schmatic can be found here: http://electro-music.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Schematics.MagicSmokeLFODesignByTimServo&fbclid=IwAR24Nt_4jkDBsEB99vmQKHXwt7BB939N8C2poFFvLD__i2J3aWCrTmWgmSU

My question is my eurorack is 12v and the schematic shows the module being powdered by 15v Will this module still work with 12v or do I need to make some changes?

I normally make a stripboard layout to see how it all looks before building any help would be grate.