Pattern weaving sequencer for grids.

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Slightly generative, surprisingly controllable, works with Molly the Poly or speaks MIDI.
Concept by @instantjuggler


MIDI out (optional)
MIDI sync (optional)
Molly the Poly engine (included in default norns install)


Triggers move horizontally. Notes move vertically. Pitches are mapped across the note columns. When triggers and notes collide they sound.

Hold a grid key and press another on the same row or column to add a trigger or note.
Three keys at once clears a row or column.

E3 can be used to add random triggers and notes (no grid required) or remove the most recent additions to a pattern. It’s a quick way to make variations of an existing pattern.

Don’t forget to check the parameters list for synth options – patch creation lives right at the end.

E1 : Change page
K2 : Play/Pause

Page 1:
– E2 : BPM
– E3 : Add/Remove
– K3 : New sound

Page 2:
– E2 : Root note/Select
– E3 : Scale type/Note edit
– K3 : Scale/Custom

Page 3:
– Load/Save/Delete


Loom v1.0.7



very cool!

i like the added pop up graphics when turning encoder 3!

also…the quick random synth patch generation is REALLY useful!

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My friend was teaching me to weave last night and I finally got the Loom metaphor.

As an added bonus, I had my norns on me, so Loom and loom were able to make friends.


Haha that’s awesome :smiley:

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Request - please add molly_the_poly engine to Requirements.

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Loom is my fave sequencer!

I poked around on norns and I feel like I’m missing though where the save data is kept? I have… so many saves, I’d love to make sure I’m backing them up.

I’d like to see Crow integration with Loom as it’s one of my favorite norns things.


Good plan! All the scripts store their data in ~/dust/data


Seconded. I would love to see some Crow integration.


I just realized that if you set the bottom row to always trigger, you basically have flin, except that with loom notes can go up as well :heart_eyes:


Is there any chance we could see crow support to this? It’d be great with JF

I don’t own Crow but happy to review a pull request.

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1.0.7 up with some tweaks to controls and a fix to work with the latest norns update.

@moderators can I get the power to edit the original post? Looks like I lost the ability to.
Edit: Sorted now thanks!


I have started tinkering with adding multiple tracks to loom. Have you thought about this before @markeats? Any gotchas I should be aware of?

Honestly, no I haven’t, it’ll be cool to see where you get to! :slight_smile:
Only thing that springs to mind is if you’re using Molly then there’s a 10 voice limit and Loom can generate a lot of overlapping notes. A simpler engine would let you push that much higher.

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Beautiful, I can’t wait to try it with Ornament & Crime Hemisphere to create generative patterns towards my VCOs.


hey ya!
curious how you are using it with O&C.
i have a uO&C.

what script are you using on O&C and how are you connecting to it from norns?

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I use Captain Midi included on Hemisphere Suite.
For connecting Norns i use a mini usb cable connected from Teensy inside the o_c to > Norns
Is a good alternative to the crow.
Here the usb cable from the o_c but a small usb breakout on a small panel of some HP can be very useful:)


Damn, didn’t know O+C could do both midi to cv and cv to midi


And Hemisphere Suite is AMAZING:))

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