here the dimostration:


ok…i have Hemispheres on my uO&C but i didn’t know about the USB MIDI.

argh…i don’t have access to the USB in the case i have it installed into.
:frowning: blarg…
i wish it was on the front panel like the Sleepy Circuit Hypno module.

thanks for the info though!

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Another patch with Ornament&Crime that control modular with FOULPLAY:))
In this clip I send 3 midi triggers to 3 different midi channels through Ornament&Crime.
CH.1 Mutable Instruments Peaks / (Bassdrum)
CH.2 Noise Enginering BIA (Bassline)
CH.3 Intellijel Shapeshifter (Iron Percussion)
Final OUT > Magneto > ZDSP

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