Loomer Architect: A modular MIDI toolkit

Yep, I am still using it. It does have the ability to connect to external hardware (& you can even route various parts of a patch to different outputs) but I haven’t used that capability much so I can’t speak to it.

My main stumbling block at the moment is the lack of documentation: you can get a lot out of Architect just by looking at the descriptions for each competent, but I’ve given up on using some of the more complex devices (such as the step sequencers, which have a mind-boggling number of possible inputs) until there’s a full manual. The developer says he’ll have one ready once Architect gets to v1.0, but it’s not clear when that’ll happen.

Having said that – most of the devices in Architect are straightforward and can be figured out without a manual. Also, the developer is very responsive by email and by the official forum on KVR, so it’s easy to get your questions answered. If you’re interested in it, I say go for it if you’re willing to deal with the learning curve – it’s very powerful and will only become more so over time.

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Thanks for the reply, It seems like everything I’ve been looking for in a sequencer, I’ve had a brief play with it and it seemed quite straight forward to use and was very easy to get it working with my hardware via a blokas midi hub…

I think I will work my way through the quick start manual today and decide based on that whether I want to buy it.

I ended up buying this and have recently been getting deeper with it, I can’t get over how much I love this program as it finally allows me to work however I want to. I’d never sequenced using a computer before and I’ve got quite a bit of external hardware that I’m sequencing with this, I’ve been so impressed with how much data I’ve been able to send out to all of it and the timing still seems rock solid.

I feel like so many people are missing out on this thing!


Holy shit… just discovered this… :exploding_head:

Seriously, if you’ve not checked this out yet, do yourself a favor. Download it and follow the Quick Start Guide. It’s in a serious Goldilocks zone. Just the right level abstraction. Timeline, clips, mixer, plugin hosting, visual patching, Lua scripting… :kissing_closed_eyes: :pinched_fingers:

Also, per the developer on the KVR thread 2 months ago: “I’m still actively working on development pretty much daily. The next (huge) update is impending.”