Loop 2017 is coming

If I’m correct, I think some of you went last year…

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Applied for my subsidized tickets a few days ago :slight_smile: hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to go


I went. Loved it. Hope to go again.


That was a great event 2016. I have applied for tickets for November again!

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Yep, I re-applied. 2016 was very good.

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So: got the invite to buy a ticket. Alas, all the studio sessions/workshops are sold out, but that’s taken €100 off the ticket price. Is anyone else going?

I’m going.

They’re selling tickets without workshops and studio seasons now? I wonder if that means there are few sessions, or more attendees?

They always sold both - I guess by the time they got around to me in the lottery they were out.

@infovore how did you figure out the studio sessions / workshops are sold out? My email invitation takes me to a shopping basket with a ticket that seems to include a studio session / workshop - though I haven’t clicked through to purchase.

@gregory.bell Well, I got this in my email this morning:


which is why I said that.

I’m going this year. Very excited. It’ll be my first time attending.

I got the subsidized tickets, but due to travel costs and being in college, I’m not able to attend :frowning:

@infovore Thanks! My email didn’t contain that.

Yeah, got the same email. Which got me thinking - is Loop really worth the €250 ticket price? Anybody have a take on this?

I think, for what it is, that’s pretty good value. I went to a workshop and studio session last year, and whilst the studio session was interesting, I would have been OK without it; the workshop was good but not my first choice and again, wasn’t my highlight of the thing.

Also: people would queue up in case there was extra space in studio sessions, so it’s not a total write-off.

I had a good time, and it reset my brain in some useful ways. I didn’t go to the club nights because I am bad at late nights, and seriously, events that begin at midnight (standard, it seems, for Berlin) are just a challenge…

Got picked, but decided not to go this year. Happy to meet with y’all in town though! Lines meetup? :slight_smile:

I’m going, should be fun :blush:

That’s the thing though, not sure the conference program seems entirely enticing enough to justify the price. The concert program is a bit so-so currently, but also not fully announced.
I’m far too used to media arts and music festivals and just dropping €100 on an early bird or accreditation, then getting a week’s worth of day & night programming, haha. Getting conflicted, so hoped someone had the greatest reason ever for why dropping €250 is worth it.

Well, that might all be the case for you. I actually think compared to a lot of events in the tech space, it’s very good indeed - and you’re right to compare it to media/arts things.

What I definitely liked: it’s focused. It’s on a single site, everyone’s really keen to be there, so the crowds are interesting and there’s lots of good people under one roof. Everyone concentrates, too - I saw practically no-one with a laptop out during talks - they were all too busy watching or listening.

It’s definitely a bit more than the sum of its parts. But it’s also not, say, the most completely life-changing event I’ve been to - though I never expect that of conferences; I value them for the change I find in myself, not what other people tell me.

update: I’m going. It’s an interesting line-up and I think I know better how to hang out this time :wink: