Lorre Mill Mosstone

New lil capacitive Touch dealio, check it!



That piece of equipment would keep me inside all day. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to play with that.

yeah check out that gallery link as well…
the double double knot plus callosum looks pretty neat


this synth voice is so beautiful despite (because of?) its focused simplicity!

hopefully they offer unkeyed mosstone as a variation someday


I’m really excited to see how the touch pads work controlling other gear. And that envelope! I really appreciate Will’s designs and philosophy. Love how they block diagram the circuits a little bit in the manual.

Also would be really interested in how this works for controlling other systems. Anyone know when they’ll start shipping?

Will said on Monday that he was gonna try to get a batch built this week. I’ve seen preorders pop up on Control and Perfect Circuit websites. I think they will start shipping next week, hope, I should say.

I really like Will’s designs, I was interested about de DK but this Mosstone looks even more interesting to me.

While checking his website I bought a uTone pcb, it looks like a fun little noise box to build, and it appears to have various pads for mods. Then I stumbled upon the “Petit Mini Filter” paper-circuit and was wondering if anyone here built it? I’m gonna give it a go when back from vacation :slight_smile:

Anybody pick one of these up? The perfect circuit demo vid is really doing it for me!


Have you attempted the PMF build yet? If so got any videos of it?

Not yet, I had way too much work recently but I prepared the papercircuit a few days ago and ordered the components I was missing. I hope to have some free time to build it this month, will report back when it’s alive :slight_smile:

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Didn’t have presence of mind to record it, but setup the Mosstone to drive pitch of both Double knot oscillators, Mosstone env out into both DK holds. Got em all tracked and tuned and wowwee. I’ll try to get the patch back together and record it.


Would really love to hear that if you do manage to record it!

What is a calossum? Haven’t heard of that one.

http://lorre-mill.com/callosum double double knot with a modular mixer / fx bit in the middle. Sadly can’t find any video/audio demos.

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image https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=61Y0ATeXMHI

image https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nk7dbiodK8

Here’s a couple of doodles.


ugh, I didn’t think I wanted a Mosstone, but it sounds great paired with the DK.

Awesome! Killer vids, really like the choice of fx it gives a really full sound from just those two instruments.

Beautiful little clips. The second one is just beautiful! Great to hear these in action together

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Fantastic. I idiotically got so excited on YouTube I posted a question there, but we’re both here…
Were you using DK as master clock on these?

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