Los Angeles Monome Meetup

Hey I’m pretty new to the monome world and have been using my monome 256 with re:mix for a bit. I still have plenty to learn. I wanted to know if there was anyone interested in meeting up to collaborate and talk. Feel free to DM me or comment below!


pasadena in the house. definitely interested in something like this, i need something to help get me back in the swing of things. i’ve got a 128, a 64, and norns.

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Awesome! I’ll message you and we can figure something out.

Sunland, myself.

I’ve been neglecting my monome gear, to be honest. (Old school max guy here. I still use that much, every day. Always building, always learning.)

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Silver Lake, LA guy here. I’ve just got back in to music making after 9 long years. Have never fully finished ANY of my projects, but am back in it with a renewed understanding of what making things means. Have built a norns, have a grid, love the tech and would enjoy sharing with a community. Would be interested in a meetup some time.

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I used to live in Silver Lake! Cool area; no parking for miles.

Though, it looks like Gobi may have shut down, so that’s somewhat less cool. And down the street a bit, Machine Project has definitely closed.

Searching for things is depressing.

So, it seems most of the Los Angeles contingent has norns, in some form or another.
(all of us except for strider, it looks like)

That’s neat. I had no idea.

I’m in Eagle Rock and considering making the switch to Monome for sequencing for my Eurorack. Would love to join any future meetups!

i’d be interested as well. i’m in glendale.

Sent an invite. Welcome aboard neighborino

I’m a bit late to the game here but I live in Echo Park. …I could always use an excuse to get out and meet folks.

Yeah that was a bummer. I certain liked having something that eclectic and experimental so close by.

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I’ll add you to the chat! We clearly are neighbors. Haha

I live in Glendale area.
Using 256 and re;mix as well.:):smile:

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