Los Angeles

Downtown la here. recently gifted a norns shield and 64 from a friend and would love to meet up and soak in some wisdom.

Hey, this year’s anniversary show at The Smell is gonna slay so goddamn hard

(24 years? 25?? 24. Oh my godddd)

(night 3: tihs sundary jan 9)
(the locust, FM, moonfuzz, randy randall, peter kolovos)

(thesmell.org has details and the other night lineups - friday Voice on Tape is a personal fave)

sorry for the vulgarity but sometimes it’s the only thing that will do


Vulgarity is expected whenever the Locust are involved.

[edit: @zebra, you just reminded me that the one time I saw The Locust while still in high school back in 2004, they were opening for The Dillinger Escape Plan, Your Enemies Friends, and Orthrelm. Orthrelm opened the show and they blew my fucking mind. Their set turned out to be the live version of the “OV” record they released with Ipecac in 2005, something I have made a habit of listening to at least once a year since it was released.]

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fuccck i need to move my move up by about 3 weeks for this, amazing

24 year anniversary?? Goddamn this makes me feel old. . .

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I remember playing the Smell when it was a few doors down from Eagles in North Hollywood. I’ve still never been to the “new” Smell.


Can’t believe The Smell has been around that long. My teenage years were just a loop of following bands from The Smell to Koo’s (Santa Ana house era), to Che Cafe, to random places in Long Beach and San Pedro. It’s funny I never actually liked The Locust’s music but they always had the best opening bands so I’ve probably seen them more than any other band. Has to be in the high dozens. Glad The Smell survived.


Woops! Night 3 is cancelled.

assuming it is not cancelled, i’m opening up this viola-heavy show on feb 5 at 2220 arts:

amy cimini and jessica pavone are performer/composers i’ve known for a long time and respect tremendously. it’s a treat to hear them both in a solo context.

i’ll be playing in a mostly-local quartet with corey fogel (drums,) mattie barbier (trombone,) and judith berkson (keyboard / voice.)

[upd. this show was excellent and i’m very grateful to all who participated. it was my first inperson+withothers live performance since 2019.]


Anyone else going to Touch 40? https://touch40.net/


i’m playing a solo set at a house show in highland park los angeles on april 9 at 7:30.

also performing are two incredible players from chicago, Biliana Voutchkova and Michael Zerang. (who are in town doing some other events at 2220arts.)

DM me for details if you’re interested.


My friend and I are interested in going to this. I don’t seem to have the ability to DM you on this forum, however. Is there another way to contact you?

announcing this stomper at zebulon in june

ezra buchla, hyunhye seo, patrick shiroishi, jamie stewart
ryan sawyer
tunde adibempe duo
zebulon june 15

(i appear to be hogging the thread, apologies. considering other options)


no please don’t stop, just because the rest of us angelenos haven’t been up to much :joy: i hope to make it to this one!


my band has been playing a decent amount of shows… we don’t really do electronics other than guitar pedals but if you like experimental noise punk, we’re playing a free show at footsie’s on saturday!


Leticia Sonami and JKG at HRLA day after tomorrow

(In addition to being a great underground arts organization, HRLA is an acoustically fascinating space, of the kind that both these artists excel at exploring to unusual effect.)


ok then

couple shows at 2220 arts:

tonight (!) backing up claire, with karima walker and advance base

june 9, as part of electric string quintet marshwah, backing up heather lockie’s songs / compositions / improvisations

oh if you are wanting a noisier experience tonight, you could do worse than black dice / pod blotz in highland park:



Not strictly monome related, but monthly max/msp meetups are starting up again, for the first time in just over two years.



Anyone hosting jams or looking to in the Long Beach / Los Angeles area? I play guitar (acoustic) and electronics (sine waves / noise). Open to play with any level of experience musicians… looking for folks that are interested in free improvisation/ noise music.

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