Los Angeles

sorry getting ridiculous. I will make.a proper events page somewhere.

Playing tomorrow in 10-piece group improvising on corey fogel’s live graphic scores. This is for his PhD dissertation. Pico union project is a beautiful venue and it’s a wonderful collection of players.

Had to post it here for @tehn etc


this is really an amazing lineup of LA musicians. really wish I could be there to hear it.

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I miss LA. Minneapolis sucks. :vulcan_salute:

Hello.My name is Hiko .
I go by the name of Rehabeatation.

I will perform this Friday at Beatcinema.(Monome Re;mix set)
Pls come by If you like beat scene.

The event info.
Location at Artbar/LA
12017 Venice Blvd.Los Angeles,CA

Hope to see you there.:smile:


wild up ensemble doing some special stuff with julus eastman’s music

“Buddha” at 2220 in a couple days should be pretty interesting


Playing a set on my modular for the return of Triptronics Research at Club Teegee in Atwater Village on Monday night. Hope to see some of you there if you have a free night and are looking for some live electronic music to spend your night with.


Playing this drone fest in topanga with my dad:

we go on at 2pm tomorrow. he’ll be making acoustic noises and ill be looping/sampling manipulating. not sure what the rest of the lineup is like but im sure itll be weird! (and theres a great pizza place next door btw !)


anyone else going to Ambient Church Los Angeles: Suzanne Ciani w/ Nailah Hunter on January 20, 2023 ?


LA’ers and LA’knowitalls, I’m looking for where to stay in LA for 2 days and 1 night.
We are doing a short trip in relation to my partner showing a movie at a festival in CA.

What part of the city should we stay in? Considering the short time we are there, and that we are more into local architecture, alternative music, snacks, small markets, quirky shops and chilling in parks, than to see the hollywood sign, the beach and brass stars in concrete.

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First, a possibly off-topic request - anyone know a small/simple electronic music repair tech in LA? (Ideally NELA?)

And an on-topic response to @Jensu possibly too late, sorry!

LA is vast and, frankly, not the most immediately fun place to visit. The best things are often very far away from each other and mostly hidden. There are hipster neighborhoods with cute coffee shops and lifestyle stores and stuff but they are mostly not that impressive compared to their counterparts in other cities, imo. The most exciting things in the city are hidden treasures, and ethnic enclaves, Koreatown, san Gabriel valley, Boyle heights, etc, - and these aren’t always the most accessible to visitors. If you try to see too much stuff in a short few days, you end up driving all over town on the freeways and hating the city.

Haha, I’m sounding like such a downer. It’s a wonderful place to live. If I were you, I’d stay in koreatown, as it’s central and fascinating (but also pretty filthy). Or pick anywhere but then just really explore that one neighborhood. You might want to get on the mailing list or insta of concert series - “floating,” visit elysian park, go hiking in the Angeles forest, check out some places like tomorrow today in chinatown, heavy manners in echo park, or reparations club in West Adams, or Other Books in East LA. Visit museum of jurassic technology and CLUI in Venice, Velaslavasay panorama in West Adams, or Bob Baker marionettes in Highland Park. But don’t try to do too much!


Depending on what you need, have you tried Solutions in Silverlake? You might want to call before you visit.

4334 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029 / (323) 666-4161

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Thanks! I haven’t tried them but I’ll give them a call. I basically just need a pot replaced on an Analog Rhythm - have the part, just need someone to solder it in.

I have a friend who has always warned me off that place due to the long rambling lectures that the owner gives when you try to drop something off but I actually sort of like that kind of thing. I should give a ring and see if they can do it!

1st: Elektron used to have a repair depot in LA… that’s where I got my Analog Four fixed.

2nd: Ask the fine folks at Perfect Circuit.

3rd: See if they can slot you in at Future Music on York in Highland Park. They have a backlog but they’ve been known to knock out a quick repair if it is simple.

If you’re in LA you should hit museums (unless you hate museums.) The Broad is free and gorgeous… just go online and get a ticket ahead of time. It is right by Central Market where there is a lot of great food. Central Market is right by Little Tokyo which is awesome. Little Tokyo is right by the Arts District which is also really cool, lots of shops and good food (if you like mexican please go to Cha Cha Cha) and the Hauser and Wirth museum is in teh Arts District (also free) and the bookstore in Houser and Wirth is the best bookstore in the world. Check when things are open first and then do all that in a day and you’ll be happy. Then go to the beach and up and down the strip in Venice, which is gorgeous… be there for sundown over the ocean on a nice day. And go to Perfect Circuit because you can spend all day there playing every synth you’ve wanted to check out with headphones on.


Lol, I heard the exact same warning about that guy last week. May still give him a try for a little turntable tuneup.

FWIW I dropped a unit off with Elektron in Pasadena for a warranty pot repair and the turnaround was around 3 months all told. Communication was a little spotty – they seemed slammed – but it gone done.

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