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Hello fellow linesers!

It’s an exciting day for me, my second full-length album is finally up for pre-sale and will be released next Friday by a local vinyl only label in an edition of 200 with hand stamped sleeves and risograph inserts. This album took a long time to put together and possibly longer to put out. I worked with my friend who runs the label to select the tracks that best represented what I do.

All of these recordings are live recordings of a patch performance. As these tracks are pulled from a couple of years of recordings, the set up has changed and evolved a bit throughout, but aside from the last track (all phenol & fx) they are all made using my 6u eurorack set up. Coming from playing in bands, I’ve always worked with the idea of live performance being important, not that I could necessarily play any of these tracks live now, but everything I do is done live. I’m not sure entire why I cling to that, but it seems to work for me. I’ve tried a few different approaches to recording and I have found live 2 channel stereo recording provides much better results for me than anything else.

So aside from Oto Bam at the end of the chain, and Norns processing, everything is done in the case. Ansible/Kria has been my favorite sequencer since I finally took the plunge. While I try to avoid calling my tracks generative, there are a lot of elements of that which I tend to reproduce, some tracks moreso than others. I really like exploring the happy accidents when running multiple randomized sequences, using only the scale/tuning to control the notes.



Really loved this whole album front to back. Great sounds and vibes through and through.