Love Hultén instruments

Not sure if Love Hulten’s work has been discussed here before… I thought you guys might like it :slightly_smiling_face:

This has to be one of the most beautiful synthesisers I’ve seen for a while!

It’s an Axoloti underneath the hood so it could be programmed with custom patches.

I love the combination of art, woodwork and technology used throughout all his work.

A few other examples (all real playable instruments):

Here’s the site for further info: echoobservatory - LOVE HULTÉN


Looks like he’s still busy making amazing objects! I’m not really into this sort of synth but the craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing.


Has anyone else spotted the scam ads on Facebook plagiarising his work?!

I really do not like Facebook, home of the dark side.

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I wish someone would put this cat in touch with an instrument designer working in the same caliber. I love seeing these projects but I hate seeing a Minilogue being sold for $3k+


Facebook has been showing those to me. I scrolled right past them, and didn’t realize it was someone else plagiarizing his work. How awful. I’ll be sure to flag it if I see it again - anyone who purchased through that would probably just be out their money, with nothing in the mail.

UPDATE: Saw it again, and this time I commented, reported, and took a screenshot.

They’re actually trying to pass this off as something you can buy for $47.99 (on sale from $87.99), which considering Love Hulten’s original goes for $3700, is not even a good attempt at a con job.

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I just came across the latest Create Digital Music post about the work of Love Helton - absolutely beautiful equipment: