Love In The Time Of The Anthropocene

Love In The time Of The Anthropocene
is my new album which is a culmination of around three years’ work and features, among others, spoken-word narratives from British writer Naomi Ishiguro and New York Times bestselling American author Francisco Cantú (author of The Line Becomes a River) both of whom have written and narrated exclusive work for this project. Also featured is Time Song author Julia Blackburn. The album also features text taken from The Human Planet: How we created the Anthropocene, a book on climate change and the environment which appears with agreement from Penguin books and the authors (Prof. Simon Lewis and Prof. Mark Maslin).

My new work is thus a concept album about the human age of the climate emergency and the family unit. Researching the themes that would make up the album content in 2017-2018 I was struck by the fact that climate change is already with us, here in motion, affecting our world and we’re all going to have to endure this at some level.

The subject matter seems even more prescient now in 2020 then when I started to make the album. The music was made in stages in 2018 and a little more in 2019 (in between other projects) but things really gathered steam during the lockdown in 2020 and the album was finished this summer. It thus touches on Covid-19 and the lockdown as well as putting the climate emergency and current world situation into context. It’s a mixture of fact through the use of the scientific text and personal narratives from contemporary writers and poets.

I have two small children and like many I am concerned about the world future generations will inherit. The project is a way to try and creatively reconcile the state of the world and the love for my family.
I was interested in blending the spoken-word and music in a way that is compelling and new. Spoken word gets bad press and when I was making this more then one label told me I was doing something ‘unfashionable’. The album was sent to 30+ labels and was either met with silence or rejected by them all but I am very proud of what I achieved.

The music is a mix of ambient sounds, lush post-classical strings, harsh electronica, occasional noise elements and fractured broken radios. There are a number of musicians guesting on the album from 3 continents so it’s a very international affair! A good friend heard bits and said it’s like a meeting between the Kronos Quartet and Autechre, which I liked!
I thought it might appeal to you /////////// folks… !

Have a listen…

(nice digi-pack CD as well for those who like a physical release…)

Thanks for listening.


Well, I released this album exactly one year ago… in the current circumstances this feels like a different geological era!
This is my reflection on climate change and of being human at this moment in time!
I’m proud of this album, possibly the best thing I’ve ever created.
To mark the occasion here are some free download codes…
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Thanks for bumping! I remember listening to this a few times when it released. Just happened to float to the top of my mind a few days ago (deep in an “existential dread for climate collapse” mood right now) and was gonna give it another listen.

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Thanks for sharing ! Took the code 3epk-vlg9
Love the atmosphere so far (first listen).

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Looking forward to listening to this project, as it sounds right up my alley for theme and aesthetics.

Thank you!

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Thank you, very kind of you to share - Look forward to hearing it later!
I used 6j3y-yxx9

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That is a very nice name for an album …


Feel compelled to provide feedback on this album due to the quality (and the generous download code)

Love in the Time of the Anthropocene hits me as equal parts beautiful and devastating. The combination of orchestration, chaotic electronics, and especially spoken word brings up a surreal atmosphere; I literally feel physically disoriented after a complete listen through. It’s challenging, draining, and incredibly well done.

It’s not my typical genre of music, yet perfectly nails the mood I’ve been stuck in over the past year as I become more acutely aware the path our society is on. In that sense it’s both discomforting and comforting, and helps me process our current human story.

Favorite tracks:

  • Welcome the the Anthropocene (the spoken word is crushing)
    - The Persistence of Biology (the heavy groove, the orchestration, Greta’s speech…)
  • Future Text (how both the spoken word and orchestration let just a hint of hopefulness poke through)
  • Infinity Going Backwards (what a cool concept to flash back to previous events in the album)



Hey man! That has totally made my day! So many thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
“equal parts beautiful and devastating.” that is exactly what I was going for!

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