Low profile right angle connectors?

Hi! I’m building a flight case for a live act that I do with my friend, and I have tetrised the gear in quite nicely, but I have a minor cabling challenge. What I need are very low profile right angle connectors, both midi and minijack stero, so that i can route the cables nicely along the backs and sides of the gear. Any good sources?

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Tendrils cables. I just got some, so far they’re great!

Tendrils are mono jacks only. Small right angle stereo jacks shouldn’t be hard to find since small stereo jacks are mass produced for car stereos, headphones and so on. Right angle Midi cables definitely exist, I have one or two but I can’t remember the brand. Would probably help to know which corner of the world you are based in.

Neutrik NTP3RC are good for the 1/8" stereo.

Oh, I must have skipped over the format requirements! Sorry!

I just picked up some of these to run an I2c connection out of the back of my case to a 16n faderbank. I needed low profile due to the angle of my case being so low. Depending on how many you need, it may get a tad pricey. All I needed was one and it turned out to be a mighty good solution!

3.5mm Audio Cable, CableCreation… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K3WYJBK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

Thanks all! Great minijack options here. I’m in NL - the search continues for low profile RA midi connectors but I am sure they will appear at some point

I use these https://www.hhb.co.uk/product_list.php?section=157 not cheap but built to last.

EBS flats come in mono and stereo, and are about as low profile as humanly possible.

Disaster area sells adjustable right angle midi cables. They are re-selling them from best-tronics.