Lozenge - another Ciat Lonbarde music album

After my previous CL release “Thicket Whispers”, I finally present you the next album “Lozenge”:

Created exclusively with a Sidrax Organ, Plumbutter 2, Cocoquantus and Meng Qi Rollz-5, with only a little bit of additional Bram Bos Kosmonaut reverb (not delay).

The two 25-minute tracks consist of several multi-tracked performances of me playing the instruments individually or patched together. There was no external sequencing, only manual playing or internal sequencing.

Because there was more music than minutes on the cassette tape, I also released the B-sides album “Inverso”, which also includes some dictaphone audio through the Ciat Lonbarde gear:

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the release. It was a lot of fun to explore these marvelous wooden instruments further, after the very spontaneous “Thicket Whispers” last year.


Alright, tapes are sold out :slight_smile:

Here are some free digital download codes:

Redeem one here: https://strategictapereserve.bandcamp.com/yum


Thank you, much appreciated!
(I used code pfw9-jg7d)

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Also much appreciated!! I used wcy3-bml5.

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Thank you! I used bl68-yfwh

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Thank you! (sju5-x6pr)

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Thanks, Felix,
I used sju5-x6pr

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Thanks for picking up the codes! Here are some for the B-Sides release “Inverso”:


Redeem here: http://nightmachines.bandcamp.com/yum

I must say, I do miss the Ciat Lonbarde synths quite a bit by now. I only wanted to experience them temporarily when I had the chance a few months ago and then let them go again to fund other adventures. But they were some of the most hands-on and weirdly intuitive synths I’ve owned. I could just sit down and start patching and even if I didn’t fully understand a certain building block, there would always be some sweet, tweakable soundscapes coming out of them at the end. I recently read about playing synths while drunk and I think those devices would be perfect for that :smiley: Maybe they’ll find their way back to me at some point.


I had this on my wishlist on bandcamp, but can’t resist a free download code… Will have to spend the saved money on another release of yours instead!
I’ve been enjoying both of these releases a lot!! Thank you!

I used the g5u2-hf94 code.

Thank you! Again! :smiley:

(I used 3r5a-vp6m)


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