luck dragon events (delhi, ny)

monome lives in an art store where we also teach classes and host events. while many classes aren’t strictly synth-related, some are, but also suspect there may be interest in the not-synth things as well (for those within visiting distance, that is!)

i’ll update this thread from time to time— we keep a calendar at along with a monthly mailing list.

Bookbinding – Saturday April 15

our dear friend @burgess is making the trip to share one of his many/vast skills (he also made the langl norns script which kelli and i use in our performances). i became obsessed with book binding last year and convinced him to teach us. these techniques and end products are so satisfying. if you’re close, come make some books with us.

Basic Synthesis – Friday April 14

if you’re new to synthesis or sometimes ask what is it actually doing come hang out with @dan_derks for an evening of foundational techniques using free software.

we have a slew of potential special guests we’re trying to wrangle. more soon.