Ludvista - Trepidation

Hi Lines crew!

Today I released my first body of work ever as a solo musician. Over the past two-ish years I’ve been experimenting & learning about electronic music and have recorded some of these moments. Music has always been an outlet for me when my anxiety is rearing is ugly head, so the name “Trepidation” seemed fitting for this record. I struggled to find the courage to officially release something for quite some time now, so it feels freeing to do so.

The record is 90% modular/norns based, with track #4 being created only on the OP-Z.
Shout out to @dan_derks for cranes, @Justmat for Otis/Boingg & @tehn for MLR. These scripts helped bring a few of these tracks into some interesting places.

Thanks for reading and maybe listening. Stay safe and stay home.


Very nice work, thanks for sharing it. Favorite tracks are 4 (1023) and 7 (1018). I empathize strenuously with the struggle for courage to let your voice be heard. Congratulations on finding it.


loving the record! beautiful vibe on the art, colors, artist photo, etc. on the bandcamp too <3

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@ObtuseMoose thank you so much for listening! Those are my two favorite tracks as well.

@jlmitch5 I really appreciate that! Super thankful to have some talented friends that contributed their art for this project.

Thank you for sharing your work.
This is refreshing.
I hear hope throughout the tracks.
And the artwork matches the music.

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thank you for the kind words and for listening @thom!

This is excellent! Listening now :slight_smile:

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@Justmat thank you for listening, and thank you for your wonderful scripts that allowed some of this music to happen! :heart:

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