Luke Sanger - Fool's Fayre

Hi all, I have a new album out on Frequency Domain today.
I think it’s of relevance here, as Norns (Cranes, Jiffy, MLRe, Sines) makes it’s way into many tracks.

Label blurb:
Luke Sanger returns to Frequency Domain for a second album from the flatlands of Norfolk. A nod to Luke’s interest in his local history, Fool’s Fayre takes an imaginary journey into a mysterious time, where the pagan-dominated Wuffingas dynasty ruled the Kingdom of the East Angles, known today as East Anglia. (Very little information survived on the dynasty, with documentation likely destroyed by subsequent invasions from Northern Europe.)

Combining field recordings with instruments from Buchla, Ciat-Lonbarde, Make Noise and Monome, the album conjures a strong sense of location, evoking arcane rituals and supernatural skylines, as uncanny melodies drift across the fens.


released March 17, 2023

Music by Luke Sanger
Artwork: ‘The Fool’ by El Ronan


Had this on promo for a while and have been loving it - i did think it might b some Norns in there, good to see my ears were right!

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ahh thanks very much, those tell-tale softcut slews were probably the giveaway :smiley:

You are prolific! I’m pumped to hear this.

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Nice work! Love Round the Houses :slight_smile:

Can you offer any more detail into how you’re using any norns scripts in these tracks? Any techniques or concepts that you found particularly engaging on any of the tracks?

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Hey thanks, yeah sure :slight_smile:
So one method I often lean on, is I’ll play an instrument live into a Norns looper (like Cranes for example) and mash around with that purely on Norns/grid (using the inbuilt recorder). Then chuck that file into Ableton and build on it. This can be a melodic thing, like synth or guitar, or just some percussion or whatever, but always find it’s a nice starting point to work with.

(Tracks 1,2,5 + 7 all started with this approach…)

I use Norns almost exclusively to process/loop external audio and (rather embarrassingly) only ever use the same 2 or 3 scripts! But for that purpose I get a lot of mileage from it…


nice one, hope you like!

Thank you for the insight! No shame in sticking to a small set of scripts, there is so much depth in them.

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