Lurker Inventory: Coming Out


So, I’ve recently learned to call how I mostly interact with this site “lurking.” :smile: Makes sense. I also recently got curious about how many of us are out there in the shadows. Fellow lurkers: Who are you? Why do you follow this site? What is useful/interesting/engaging/attractive for/to you about the site and community? Please share!

My experience so far is that this place is very unusual, if not unique, in its dedication to both art and community. The folks here really just care about making beautiful things (mostly sound things, but not exclusively) and interacting with other people who feel the same way. Not that my experience is extensive, but I’ve never found an online community that pursues those activities with the level of enthusiasm and respect (kindness, compassion, support…) that I’ve seen here.

That’s especially important for me. I was a musician back in the 70s and early 80s and quit due to some really bad experiences (mostly of my own making). Reopening myself to making music again, starting about 10 years ago, has been deeply rewarding, but also emotionally risky; having access to a community of serious musicians who are mutually respectful and encouraging to each other has been an indispensable part of my working through the old stuff that kept me away from my old passion. Although I’ll never get to Carnegie Hall (not without buying a ticket, anyway), the love and exploration of music I’ve seen and heard here has helped me reconnect with that part of my soul that leapt the first time I heard my father play Wendy Carlos’ arrangement of Monteverdi’s Orfeo Suite.

I’m writing this now in part as a commitment to myself to engage more directly in this community, to lurk less and to play more. Any other lurkers out there want to come out?


I just got a grid/ansible and joined the site last week. This is my first post, so I guess I’ve officially been a lurker so far. I’ve really enjoyed the community so far, and look forward to participating more.


Technically not a lurker (posted for the first time earlier today), but still brand new to this community! TBH, I’ve never really engaged in an online forum type group before, but something about lines feels so inviting. Lots of intelligent people from what I’ve read so far. :slight_smile:

Oh, also glad to hang with a group of people where I can nerd out over modular synths, field recording, and thinky discussions around music! There’s a real commitment here to genuineness from what I can tell.


Welcome! I’ve been more active on this forum over the past few months and have noticed I’m tending to come here rather than MW. In general I’ve found that this is a more thoughtful, welcoming, and substantive community focused on experimental music, typically with a somewhat common set of tools - monome, mannequins, er301, etc.


I just signed up after lurking around for a few weeks. I found this place while researching Mannequins modules. Now I have one of each and a new Teletype just arrived two days ago.

So far I’ve found Lines to be a much more welcoming place than some othe forums. I’ve really enjoyed the focus on music and the making of it as opposed to gear chasing.



I’ve also been lurking for many many months, but this seems like a good opportunity to come out. Hello everyone!

Like some of the people above I find myself coming to this site more often than MW now- there I am also mostly lurking but tried to be helpful when the opportunity arises. I’ll promise to do the same here. Next step is to actually post some music I suppose!


Thanks for the excuse to post. I just noticed I got my one year badge and have only posted once. My main reason for never posting is that most of the threads I’d like to contribute to were started months or years ago and I have nothing to add. But this one is 100% relevant!

I’ve been producing music for a few decades, my most well known output was in the early 2000s as part of the IDM (I guess) act String Theory, with releases on great labels like Skam, Consumers R&D and Wobblyhead. More recently I’ve been raising kids and doing solo experimental synth work under my own name, and recently started a very tiny Bandcamp “label” so I could stop watching demos disappear into the ether and just release stuff on my own schedule.

Equipment list is all over the place. I love synths, mainly I’m using a Prophet 6 and a Korg ARP Odyssey along with a Squarp Pyramid, Octatrack and Analog Rytm. I have 12U of underutilized Eurorack and I am a big fan of Max and SuperCollider going way back to the OS 9 days.

Music stuff is on the web at and

Really enjoying the llllllll community despite not posting much! Thanks. -Josh


Wow, loving the artwork on the Patern releases!


Thanks! My buddy Nate did the hand-drawn stuff and I do the digital stuff.


I only recently found this forum, and this is my first post… so hello everyone!

From the few weeks I have been browsing/lurking, this seems like a really friendly and approachable place.

I’ve got back into modular after a bit of a (baby related) hiatus… I’ve found messing about on the modular for an hour or two is a great way to relax and wind down.

My daughter (19 months) was playing with pressure points yesterday and was loving it (had it setup to trigger rings and adjust pitch, structure+ the adjust feedback on a delay)… I took that as proof of how much more immediate and fun modular is than sitting in front of a computer (the way I used to make music).

I’ll make sure to to share some of my noodlings soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to meet another senior member - the 70s and 80s were a hoot but wow glad they’re over.

You’ll find the more you interact the more you learn, and the more joy you discover. Everything in its own time.


I’m new here today as well. :wave: Picked up a W/ recently and am strongly considering a Teletype, so I figured I should come check things out.


I’ve been lurking for some tume and agree that this forum is incredibly welcoming! It’s only the 2nd forum I’ve took the plunge on interacting with beyond lurking so that should say something…


Been lurking a few days but wanted to say this seems like a pretty fabulous community. Been doing a bit of reading around and, wow, it is incredibly stimulating and enriching. Now off to lurk some more!


ive been mostly a lurker on every forum i visit. mw, electro-music, etc
i very much like the format here so i guess ill come on out tonight.
my names Collin and im a musician and composer using mostly electronic or electronically modified instruments and im based in Houston tx
i also run a (tiny) label with a friend called SUTRA
so ya hello all


I have been a lurker. Mostly because although I love generative/synth, I do not have any modular devices; I have mostly migrated from computer DAWs to an ipad and a Moog Sub37. Downsizing and trying to decrease the number of wires in my life.

But I love the approach to community that this forum has, love the sounds that lightbath and sequenox and emily sprague produce, and am trying to get a palette of sounds that evolve from what I have to work with.

Examples here. Have tried both Bandcamp and Soundcloud and find Soundcloud is an easier, less informal workflow for me, although many of my likes seem to come from bots trying to sell me followers…


I don’t know if I’ve made a full confession here about this, myself, but I own no monome gear nor hardware synths. I came to Lines because I learned there were a lot of Max/MSP programmers here – I started learning Max back in spring of '14 – and I have stayed for the reasons you point out: it’s just a great community. I have not ventured into “real” hardware (monome, Eurorack, etc.) largely because of financial issues, but I also like the learning, control, and experimentation that Max allows. On the other hand, sometimes I like just to sit down and play music, so I end up relying on softsynths and plugins for that, these days in Live. I also really like that I can build stuff in M4L and use it directly in Live. I do have a Push2 and some guitar pedals and, in another life, I played viola, so I use those, too, but most of my music is made in a computer, one way or another.


New today as well, and slowly reforming lurker. Not one to use social media, but I’m inspired to join here by the intriguing (and civil) discussions, creative setups, and great sound sculpturing/music people post. I haven’t ever been one to interact online very much, but a community like this might change that. The creative spirit is strong here. I’ve been most active on MW while I was more euro-focused; but recently refocusing my setup to banana format (R*S 4U Serge, BugBrand, Phenol, Double Knot, Benjolin, etc.), and searching on the like, helped me discover this site, which was finding a diamond in the rough. Nice to find some like-minded folks, and looking forward to meeting some along the journey.


I came here last month for the Disquiet Junto projects, wasn’t expecting to see such a nice community about making electronic music in its many forms. I started out in the early 1980’s programming the Commodore 64 SID chip, graduated to some hardware MIDI devices, some of which I still own, and played with many different MIDI software sequencers back in the day. Dropped out for a few decades while my day job took over my life. Now I’m starting to get back into it. I’m a Live newbie, hoping to build some things with Max for Live soon, and trying real hard not to succumb to buying a bunch of modular gear. :astonished:


@morgulbee, I suppose I’m newer than you, but welcome anyways! I too started-out in electronic music as a young kid using the Commodore VIC-20 manual to program some great sound effects using BASIC code. Phenomenal stuff. Sounded like this I remember loading games via cassette! Good video about the history of the VIC-20