Lurker Inventory: Coming Out


@dnealelo, you’re definitely not alone. I don’t (yet) have monome gear or eurorack, while I do use hardware synthesizers everything is older than 1990, most older than 1980… obviously if I were starting again today I would not do this, because of rising costs, but it was more reasonable years ago and still not so bad if you space things out over the years.

I use a keyboard controller (Axiom) for everything but rarely play it like a keyboard, although I do that too sometimes. It’s basically an interface to Max which controls the hardware.

Also I have not transitioned to M4L or Live, as I use Max only for data and it works seamlessly with Logic (virtual midi ports). In the past year I’ve shifted to doing most of the Max stuff as custom externals.

None of this is by design, basically there isn’t any design. Just interest. Just letting things be or following inspiration, leveraging also whatever random skills I picked up along the way. I had some classical training MANY years ago, so I use it, I have experience coding, so I work that in as well.

I’m not really tied to any particular approach, it’s just how things develop. Sure I have interest in modern stuff too, including monome, I’ve also thought of putting together an all-Mutable eurorack setup. The other theoretical obsessions are with micro-gesture and (someday) full-body gesture, I’ve thought sometimes about getting a motion capture system having used them for work in various past lives. But that’s a huge expense and commitment.

The reality is I haven’t exhausted the possibilities of what i have, and I don’t seem to need anything else. It’s always about that “next thing”, I’m trying to bring forth whether an idea or recording or composition. Of course I’m open to making the leap should a need suddenly arise, even tomorrow, anything is possible, but it has to happen of its own accord. It has to follow a certain process. Could be tomorrow or ten years, or possibly never. I hold myself open to all these possibilities.


Finally something I can contribute to!
I’ve been following the forum for a couple months and have been completely blown away by the community.
To me Lines is a an oasis for constructive dialogue purtaining to an ever growing obsession of synthesis + communication. Since getting into modular about 18 months ago it has influenced all aspects of my life.
I’m a bicycle frame builder by trade and have owned and opperated a small business, RatKing Frames, the past five years since graduating from high school. That being said, I never continued my education and am realizing I’d like to pursue other artstic directions (Industrial Design).
The podcast Sound + Process by fellow Lines member, @Dan_Derks has introduced me to a plethora of like minded, accomplished creators. From performance to music to the ethos of each contributors art, I have ended up shaking with excitement and inspiration in almost every episode.

Those are moments that keep me coming back to this community. Obviously I love to geek out on the new thing and keep up to date on firmware updates and the like, but I I find the glory lies in each individual. I feel like I’m a part of the conversation and it feels almost intimate; like we all share this little nugget of a niche within a niche.
And it’s not just tech talk. There are threads for everything.
With the help (inspiration) of this forum and It’s contributors Ive started work on a series of desktop “toys” that interact with my system in a cohesive aesthetic with the intent of using it as a portfolio piece to apply to schools. To me, it’s life changing.

Synthesizers mean so much to me. This forum means so much.
Sending huge thank you’s to the community, active participants that allow me to lurk, and extra special thanks to @Dan_Derks @stripes @marcus_fischer @shellfritsch and @Angela. Your stories have stuck with me and have shaped my approach to composing and creating sounds and objects.



Nice to see someone closer to my age here (not that I don’t learn stacks from the young folks). Welcome!


I also just joined, decided to post a first post here, because I didn’t find a ‘welcome’ part or thread on the forum.

I like max, been using it for a while. I always wanted a monome, but used a launchpad and a joystick as my controllers for years. I played in bands (metal, post ambient rock and punk) and I enjoy playing in jazz ensembles, especially electro-acoustic ones.

I have a lot of gear to talk about, but prefer art, philosophy and technical talk! This forum was recommended to me and it seems like a great match with my passions and interests!


my website has my portfolio and music of my own ensemble


Hi. :slight_smile: My good friend @kingcons introduced me to this community last year as I was getting into Eurorack and I’ve been lurking ever since.

From what I’ve seen so far, this is a remarkable community with lots of talented, supportive people. I’m posting because I’m starting to dip my toes into the monome pool and am really happy to be here!