Lyrics from forum posts

I was wondering (as I ponder my lcp track). Is there a tool that exists that could analyse a forum a pull out common words/phrases? I’m pretty sure this exists and I’m curious as to what it would say about the different communities I interact within.

There’s a bot on reddit that does small poems with random reddit comments (and they rhyme !).
Can be found here. Guess you could ask the moderator, who I guess coded the bot.

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Getting the posts out of the forum is a bit tricky, the Discourse software this forum runs on has an API, but I’m not sure it’s public.

If you have all the words, there’s definitely clever things you can do to form real sounding phrases. Markov Chains are a good place to start. I don’t have a link to share. I’ve seen a fair share of Markov bots that say close-to-real-sounding gibberish.

If you do word counts, pull out common words and then use natural language libraries to pull the syllables, that could be a way to create lyrics with a cadence. It’s a potentially deep topic, “Conversational AI” is a bit of a buzzword thing lately. Definitely worth messing around with!

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Cool, thanks for the info.

I just did a search for “word cloud” and used one of the tools that came up to make this:

by copy/pasting the words from this thread:


As post counts grow, won’t “LikesReply” get proportionately bigger?
“You will never escape the overarching meta!”

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Yeah, I just did a quick copy/paste, but if I was trying to make art, I’d edit the input text.

I like the word clouds. Maybe I’ll have to sift through threads for moments of lyrical genius though.

From the Joy in pictures thread



Dave Gorman performs news websites’ comments sections as “found poems”.