M.L. virta

curious if there’s anything known about new plugin from madrona labs (called virta). the only thing i know is that this thing needs input and i can’t wait to try it with aleph.


same here

having realtime input is gonna make this a gamechanger

what is this you speak of?

my sarcasm detector is faulty

in case you’re serious


from ml forum:

Well, audio input and frequency analysis of said audio, and of course an envelope follower, will be available in the patcher. So you can make audio-controlled synths or effects with it. You could even patch up something like a de-esser. But it’s definitely more a creative tool than for utility effects.

Visually, it will be a lot like Aalto and Kaivo because I think that’s a good interface to stay with for now.

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still no release date. $89.


that looks delicious

Fuckin’ A. ANOTHER plugin from Madrona?!
Can’t freqin resist any of them so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, hey, lemme consolidate some other things in relation to Madrona in this thread:
-Here’s a great article on Bob Ostertag who loves his Aalto synth to replace his older analog synths in order to become ridiculously portable these days:

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-And here’s some Kaivo samples only available for 7 days longer:
…and if any of you could download and then whenever the Madrona forums thread below bumps up again with another request, upload yet another download link, i’d be most appreciative as would others… if anyone here is interested or pays attention there… i’ll also try to keep up more often… uh… i think…:

( had to do another reply cuz ‘new users are only allowed to post 2 links’ :poop: )

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So this is Randy’s take on the phase vocoder with added complex oscillator madness? Fantastic!


oh hai.

not the phase vocoder so much, it will have vocoders but I’m focusing on a more analog sound.

The starting point is the feel of putting things through the MS20 pitch tracker, always a favorite. Kind of wonky and a great inspiration generator.

A fun game might be to look at the above diagram and imagine some cool patches. The design is pretty much finished, but if there are any especially great patches that are just missing a certain input or output, the next couple of weeks is definitely the time to let me know!


Can’t wait for this.


Seen that on twitter, how many cool thing can madrona labs release exactly?

Nice. Reminds me that I’ve barely explored the last one. Time to get freaky.

I’ll be doing a Virta demo tonight at the Seattle Music Machines Salon.

We’ll be streaming the event tonight at 7pm Pacific (UTC-8):

The SMMS is a new venue for electronic music discussion, open to all. I’m kicking this first one off with Virta but in general it won’t be Madrona Labs-centric and we are looking for people to help direct it and do the work. more info: Madrona Labs Forums - News - Seattle Music Machine Salon


seven, plus or minus two


The soundplane is one of the most beautiful sound controller I’ve ever seen, but it’ll probably never be within my financial reach so I don’t count it for my very own mental sanity. Other than that, yeah, 7 and counting. Amazing. I love everything about those softwares.

i’ll be watching

every snippet i’ve heard sounds lush!

this is what sold me: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

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would like to take a second to publicly applaud madrona for their incredible manuals. they always read enjoyably and I’ve learned a lot outside direct application to their products.


Thanks so much! This is one area where I get a lot of help. They wouldn’t be the same without David’s drawings or George’s witticisms.