\m/ lines metalheads \m/


Any metalheads lurking here on lines? What are your favorite songs/bands/albums/labels/riffs?

What are you listening to?

\m/ my girlfriend is really the metalhead, but she’s gotten me into some of the bands she likes. I’d say Cloak of Ash by Hope Drone is my favorite metal album, currently.


Does metalcore count?

Hands down my two favorite albums are
Shai Hulud - hearts once nourished with hope and compassion

Morning Again - as tradition dies slowly

These got me into hardcore/metalcore 20 years ago and lyrically were streets ahead of what i’d been listening to as a youngster (i was 20).

Morning Again - Stones
As you set this world on fire
You too shall surely burn
As you spark the flames of hatred
And refuse to let this world turn

Stones have been thrown
From fear of what’s unknown

You scream the cry of deviance
Not seen as a natural part of us
Love Is Never Wrong

Delight in misery. Choosing conformity
The line of least resistance
Outgrow uncertainty. Resist Stability
At least I know the real me

Whether genetic or a choice
You never asked yourself
Why you chose to love who you love
You never ask yourself


This is from my own bands final EP.


Yep. Within the last 8 years, I’ve listened to a lot of Krallice [first three albums], Blut aus Nord, Thou [Heathen], Ash Borer [self-titled LP], Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, and Wolves in the Throne Room.


Yes! Proud Metal head.

Celeste, Sunn, Cowards, Atila, örök


I’ve been getting into Chaos Echoes recently.


Big fan of Chelsea Wolfe. Seen her perform twice.


ooo yeahs, more recently

sumac - what one becomes

botanist and oskoreien - green metal and deterministic chaos

and always:

khanate - s/t


What One Becomes is incredible, I was listening to it about an hour ago myself. Wolves in the Throne Room are great too, highly recommend this album to anyone even slightly interested in some great atmospheric black metal:


Love me some botch :slight_smile:

Also these


Yes! And I’m heading up to Vancouver for this (and to ride mountain bikes) next month. Stoked to see Bongripper, Yob, Nails, Power Trip, Pallbearer, etc.


I think my main loves are the doomy/post-metal/experimental side of things… Isis, Sumac, Cult of Luna, The Body, Amen Ra…


This is an amazing thread, especially because it shows me that I know nothing. I’m enjoying metal a lot when in the right mood.

Been listening to this album quite a bit recently:


Two favorites from Prong:


Certainly am. Might I suggest Vanum’s Realm of Sacrifice, (a bit of shameless self promotion, the photos on the cover art are mine, and if you can track down the 12" it comes with a big 16 page booklet of my work)


The closest to metal I was truly obsessed with was Helmet. I think they appealed to me because they didn’t dress the part and still were pretty heavy. I suffered through a lot of terrible music to see them since they toured with such garbage. BUT, my first show ever, they headlined and Quicksand and Caspar Brötzmann’s Massaker opened, so that was a hell of an introduction to live music as a teenager :slight_smile:

They were one the more important gateway drugs in my lives.


John Stanier might be my favorite drummer. Hard to choose, but yeah.


Battles was so decidedly NOT my thing that it bummed me out since I loved Don Cab and Helmet (and heck, even Lynx if anyone remembers them).

There was a Helmet release party for “Aftertaste” in Louisville and I remember being a total high school fanboy and I ended up talking about Rush with John for quite awhile and we even did a little duet of “Roll the Bones” :slight_smile:


Forgot to recommend Bosse De Nage, one of my current favorites. Also, their Instagram has quite a few posts of modular synths :+1:


YES! This is one of my current favorites.