\m/ lines metalheads \m/


Your first show was Helmet and Quicksand? uhhgggggnnnn… Why oh why did I grow up in such a small, remote place? :stuck_out_tongue:


Been into doom and drone metal lately! Older stuff like, Paradise Lost, Boris, Earth…

I also love Anathema, although I don’t think they’re really “metal” anymore. Beautiful music though, and I was really fortunate to catch them two years ago here doing a three-piece acoustic set.


I saw Helmet with Quicksand and Girls Against Boys at the Troubadour in Hollywood. Scott Ian and Gene Simmons were at that show as well. Scott Ian was in the pit the entire time, Gene Simmons was not.

Also: long time metal fan. Highlight of my Metal youth might be Iron Maiden on the Powerslave tour.


I’m thinking Hope Drone keep popping up everywhere at the moment - then I see they are from Brisbane… Where I am… Are you in Bris too?


This topic is getting a nice response. It’s cool to see there are so many metalheads here on LINES.



Khanate!!! Nostalgia is big :open_mouth:


I’m not a metalhead, shredders and wild speed solos bore me to tears, but if you slow it down, then I am all for it, the slower and the dronier the better

ISIS, SunnO))), Earth, Sleep, Bell Witch, Boris.


no, Boston, so you got the first letter :wink:


Some of my all-time favorite bands:

Opeth - progressive and soooo good (album: BlackwaterPark, amazing growls vs. clean vocals)

Fleshgod Apocalypse - saw tem live two times - thight as shit- they blasted their way into my heart.

Nocte Obducta: great non-traditional German BlackMetal band that evolved music-wise quite a bit over the last years - into experimental stuff, ambient and back to their metal roots.

Solstafir - Islandic Desert Metal - no idea if it still counts as metal in a traditional sense but i fucking love them!

and many more…


I’ve been a metalhead for a long part of my life, although I don’t listen to metal as much anymore. But I definitely have some favorites to contribute:


i basically ear at least twice a day Cult of Luna ahahhahaha
i feel confortable :slight_smile:


Well its good to hear some local music is making waves across the world


fellow metal head! hail! here are my contributions…

been yaking about the new eagle twin (calling all iceburn fans!) for couple weeks now. was fortunate enough to see ET & sunn for my bachelor party. the drums are admittedly fairly boring, but gentry’s tone growls like nothing else.

a dude who reviewed one of my records once turned me on to plebeian grandstand. some younger kids from france. its a proper ripper (in a deathspell omega vein? ish?)

also, there should always besome room for medieval folk metal. aria was my fav record a couple years back, but suspended in the brume of eos is also solid in a more lofi kind of way.

this newest yellow eyes was my fav tape i picked up last year. sick with bloom was also a really solid record, so i was waiting for this and it didn’t disappoint.

now being that this is a tech/music/etc forum…there has got to be some creation is crucifixion fans lurking amongst the code. CIC is defunct now, but the robo dogs re/issued this recently


The new Blanck Mass single is surprisingly metal.


When I was a teen, I was a really into Iron Maiden - still listen to them on occasion for nostalgia. Also Black Sabbath, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Iced Earth. If I got back into it, I’d probably check this thread for the slow stuff, as I am completely out of touch with it all. There are so many sub-genres of metal.


Immersion Trench Reverie was one of my faves last year. Great songs and the field recordings really take it another level.

I’ll have to check out Creation is Crucifixion, I’ve never heard of them before.


tech metal with a focus on tech. they were all about using technology to subvert things. at one point they were involved with everything from a project that printed our your own bar codes so you could basically name your price at places like walmart to reverse engineering gameboys and putting them back on shelves.

the singer started a design studio in pittsburgh that still kinda carrys some of these ideas forward


@Abarsotti I had forgotten about Bosse de Nage thanks for reminding me! Their III album is so good!

Does hardcore deserve a seperate thread?


Zao are ace. Lots of good stuff on Tooth n Nail back in the day.

At the roomier end I Love Iron Monkey (R.I.P. Jonny morrow). The new stuff if totally horrible. Should’ve went with a new name. First records are still incredible. Jonny’s vokills are brutal!!!


Heck yeah \m/. You’ve all covered a bunch of my faves, but I’ll add a couple other faves of mine:

And of course the classics of symphonic metal: Nightwish, Epica, and Kamelot are bands I also enjoy seeing live whenever they pass through.