\m/ lines metalheads \m/


I am loving this thread and have lots to listen to when I am less on the bounce. I also promise not to derail it into post-hardcore and early emo. Frankly, I don’t think you’d like let me…


i would for 20 characters


Likewise for 20 characters :slight_smile:)


Proper emo, not this new fangled stuff haha.


Cap’n jazz, hot water music, husker du, american steel, jawbreaker

Sorry I’m already warmed up


Another +1 for Bosse De Nage, Lots of good stuff on The Flenser label. I can recommend Subrosa, King Woman, Trees, Sannhet, Emma Ruth Rundle.


If we’re veering can I add asfriendsrust, boysetsfire, Sunny Day Real Estate.

And to get more metal how about Catharsis (old crimethinc band). Saw them for the first time one night in Glasgow, followed them to Edinburgh the next night and slept rough after the gig as we had nowhere to stay haha. Good punk times!


Sorry for passingly mentioning Quicksand…



The new Sleep is dope…hehe.


The first track is…perfect:

And the drum cam version of this session is insane…


This album is great! Super intense and weird stuff.


omg… Baptists are SO GOOOOOD. I finally saw them for the first time live here in Seattle a couple of months ago and they blew my mind all over again. So incredible.

And yeah, Nick (their drummer) is also the drummer in Sumac, which probably has at least a little to do with how much I love them. Plus, you know, Aaron Turner. :slight_smile:

Nick is probably my favorite drummer these days. Plus Ben Koller from Converge (etc).

The teaser clip from What One Becomes still blows my mind. I absolutely love this part of that song.


Someone I just learnt about recently: Myrkur, one-woman black metal \m/


I’m digging Primordial’s latest.

Also, Expander’s Endless Computer has been on regular rotation for months now.


… listening to all types of music but there’s decent amount of metal in my diet. Currently listening a lot to Car Bomb:


VERY happy to see this thread.
Been listening to the heavy stuff since I was a teen, jeez----30 years now. Feelin’ old.
Got into punk and and hardcore as a wee skater kid in the 80’s right around when thrash/crossover happened (See: punk and metal kids -sworn enemies back then- listening to each other’s music…Slayer, Anthrax, D.R.I., Suicidal, Crumbsuckers, Excel, Agnostic Front, C.O.C all in one big mix), and through the 90s w/Ebullition/Gravity-style poliitcal hardcore, power violence, etc into the 2000s with Botch, Converge, Cave In, Darkest Hour, etc… No matter what other genres I discovered along the way as I got more and more musically omnivorous, the heavy stuff has always been a constant. I don’t listen to it every day but it totally feels like it’s part of my DNA.

Recent favourites include Full of Hell, who I got to see play in Osaka last year w/ The Body . They have a particularly single-minded, vicious blastbeats-meets-harsh-noise thing down and they’re totally nice dudes.

And this slab of cosmic old-school-style death metal is glorious, makes my eyes roll back into my head at points…


Sounds like we lived parallel lives, lol.


He’s gone in that direction before: check part 2 of The Great Confuso…

What are you listening to?

I went to Modified Ghost Festival in Vancouver, BC this weekend (and also did a ton of mountain biking). Highlights: Yob, Bongripper (which I kept pronouncing like it was French: Bon Gripper!), Nails, Power Trip. Missed Pallbearer, unfortunately, as they played earlier in the week before we drove up from Seattle.

In related news, I’m stoked about two new albums that just came out:


Rising Beast outta LA putting out some great heavy / whimsical stuff right now (especially MOONKNIGHT)