\m/ lines metalheads \m/


Hell yeah!

I love the slow, droning, sludge and stoner metal.

@PacificNorthWes Pallbearer is on of my favorites.

The Sword

Also get on a fantasy/power metal trip sometimes which mostly consists of me listening to Touched by the Crimson King by Demons & Wizards on repeat.


one of my favorite records of any genre.


I grew up a metalhead, though my tastes have mellowed out a bit over the years. Still have a soft spot for a lot of post-metal, black metal, and doom stuff. Lots of the Hydrahead stuff.

Isis has long been my favorite band. Was majorly bummed when they broke up, I maintain that their farewell tour was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen…just emotionally devastating in all the best ways. I was lucky enough to see them do an improvisational performance with Tim Hecker at this weird experimental festival at a winery back in 2006. A couple of their members had their flights cancelled because of a volcano, so after Hecker played his set, Isis set up their amps and they did a set together. It was such a surreal day, sometimes it feels like I mis-remembered it - but there’s video proof.

A couple of my other favorites - Jesu, Cult of Luna, Krallice, Russian Circles, Ash Borer, Rosetta, Pelican, Angel Eyes, Giant Squid, Sumac, Kayo Dot, Sunn O))), Earth, Boris, Fell Voices, Bell Witch, Thou, Conan


Yeah would be remiss to let my metal history slide: I was a huge metal and free jazz head in my late teens/early twenties, basically all I listened to. Came out with a black metal tape in 2004, still acts as a kind of measuring stick to everything I do in some way or another. Have seen Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Sleep, Slayer, Helmet, Incantation, Converge…as well as more avant thangs like Sunn O))), Orthrelm, Black Twilight crew, and Lightning Bolt about 15 times. Although it isn’t a part of my day-to-day listening habits anymore, I will gladly go see any and all metal and hardcore, there’s no live music quite like it.


This is a fun thread and is bringing back lots of memories. I was always big on the Canadian family tree of bands like Acrid, Left For Dead, The Swarm, Cursed, Countdown to Oblivion, and now Sect. Richmond VA had a pretty good run in the early to mid 00’s with hardcore and screamo (yuck) bands that bordered on metal - Pg.99, Majority Rule, and a bunch of stuff on Robodog/Robotic Empire label.


I spent all weekend at Maryland Deathfest, the 12th MDF I’ve been to.

It was great fun.

Oh and @demangone, Robotic Empire put out the last record I was involved with, Bastard Noise - The Honesty Shop lp.


New Baptists record is really good.


i love bathory (first period especially). and i’m very much into funeral doom and doom\death.
some examples:


new tomb mold record on 2BS…

whats not to love about
a) drummer on vocal duties
b) bloodborne reference


And the third song is named for Artorias.


This is a stand out album from the last couple years. This record is intense but eminently listenable with great performances and excellent song-writing. Plus the album flows well as a whole. There are some unexpected moments and sound play that take this beyond the realm of most black metal.


early emo thread… holy.


really enjoying the three songs posted so far… and that album cover!


right? cannibal corpse’s gallery of suicide cover meets From software


'like metal


Have been majorly repeating:

Morning Again (apparently they have new stuff coming this year).
Shai Hulud (as usual).
Statecraft (Japanese metalcore from early 00s).

Plus got some old friends together and hopefully will be writing/recording this year! We’re all 40+ and one wanted to call us Old Age. We compromised on AgeOld instead lol.


Menace ruine alight in ashes


bleak and atmospheric death/doom/black metal hybrid


nasty stuff


Dunno if we’re discussing gear here but…

Picked up a 2nd hand vox mv50 clean to use with my amptweaker tight metal… OMFG! This teeny thing is amazing. Technically it IS a tube amp (koeg nanotube apparently) but it is stupidly loud and great for the metalcore riffing i’ll be doing!

Decent sound demo using distortion pedal.