\m/ lines metalheads \m/


Wow, that is tiny! I remember reading an interview in Tape Op with Dave Sardy and he said his secret to heavy guitars was to use practice amps instead of full cabs - easier to mic and less headroom.


Precisely why I own an Orange Dark Terror!

On an unrelated note, I’m going to see Amenra, Neurosis and Converge tonight. :star_struck:


Anyone listen to the new Deafheaven album? I’ve been a big fan of their previous albums but this one’s kind of hit or miss for me.




Not much of a metalhead but I can share a band in which a good friend of mine plays:


This Secret Cutter album fucking rips:


Funnily enough, I got this as part of Gilead Media’s Sub Club and didn’t haul it out until I read this thread. I was given a test pressing, Nifty.


damn, this is pretty great so far


Saw Artificial Brain last night, this is one of my favorite metal albums released in the last few years

Pyrrhon opened, brutal and forward thinking



What are you thinking of the Sub Club? Gilead is solid and has put out many of my faves over the past couple years, but I has trouble rationalizing that purchase.


I like it, I’ve only ever got one thing that I disliked, and it’s a fine way to support the kind of metal I like— you get free BC downloads with each release, a nifty mug (well, we did last year), and other stuff. Is it pricey? Sure— I guess you can think of it as a Patreon for a specific kind of music; Gilead Media releases are worth it, in my opinion.






That new Bosse De Nage:https://youtu.be/N6OzOGWnTRI


So, had my first studio session with the teeny weeny Vox MV50. I had an amptweaker tight metal before it. The sound is incredible. Easily loud enough to hold its own with drums, other guitarist with 5150 and bassist. Would recommend to one and all.


Nice! What cab are you using with it?


This is art


In the house I have a Blackstar 10" cab. Sounds great. In the studio it was unleashed into a Marshall 4x12" of some sort and was powerful!!


i’ll just leave this here


Just remembered i was mildly obsessed with this when it came out a little while back, listening again

hope the lyric video editor got paid by the word

i don’t really even know/like metal that much :S