\m/ lines metalheads \m/


not really metal but this is the first videoclip of the band (a trio, drums\percussions, guitar, me on the modular) i play in, hollow bone:


That was really fun. Would love to see/hear more.


thanks <3 . we’ll be recording the first release just after summer :slight_smile:

here a trailer showcasing snippets of our songs:

here one song from our first real gig (very bad audio quality,beware!)


Great! Please do post here once that’s out. Will surely buy a copy.


i will surely do and will send you a private message :slight_smile:
thank you for your kind words and your support!


was just thinking about this movie from Iceland I watched a few years ago called Metalhead (great film), which features this amazing song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y515oo5c6eM

listening to it again now really brings back the tingles it gave me when I first saw it in the film…


Thou have been on a roll lately, looking forward to the full-length


so much alice in chains vibes with this one


Totally, they even use the tags [alice in chains], [grunge], [rip layne staley], [seattle lives] for the album.

Thou did a split with The Hirs Collective of 20 Nirvana covers, but I don’t think it is available for streaming. When I say them they played like 3 or 4 Nirvana covers.

this one is more fairport convention and acoustic alice in chains then metal, but it’s pretty great as well


i fully support thou covers. they played down here in gainesville a couple years back and covered ‘stars’ by hum and my brain turned to pudding.


Thou was easily one of the best live shows I’ve been to. I hope they tour for the new album.


I’ve been a huge Thou fan since I got my hands on Tyrant, which is still my favorite LP of theirs.

There are some Nirvana covers of theirs available digitally on Robotic Empire: Whatever Nevermind (also featuring BORIS playing Lithium) and In Utero, In Tribute, In Entirety.

But I like their version of “Something in the Way” best, which is on The Archer and The Owle.


new discovery, loving this album


\m/etal \m/onday

self-described psychedelic death metal - there is definitely a degree of atmosphere and weirdness to this


Awesome atmospheric death metal


That new Fortin Nameless suite plugin by the way… \m/ :laughing:\m/


Thanks for this. Done by one man, by himself, in Norway. Impressive.



the new conan is highly recommended if you like molasses (though track 4 proves to be an exception to this rule…but its killer, trust me)

and for you rippers out there, the always intense…pig destroyer


This is real Album of the Year stuff. Thou are really at the top of their game.