\m/ lines metalheads \m/


This album really grew on me, might be a contender for AOTY


Didn’t see anyone mention Electric Wizard this is my fave track of theirs:


New find that I’ve been digging into over the weekend so far.


Sun Worship just released a live recording from Roadburn.


Have been into Rivers of Nihil this last week.
These two albums are outstanding.


anything else like this?


One of my favorite metal releases of the year. Some of those riffs are so cerebral yet so visceral.


Well, they’ve put out like 10,000 demos, so there’s always more from the source. But stuff like Black Cilice and Xasthur (before he went neofolk) have some of that same depressive black metal vibe.


The best depressive black metal album IMHO


@ht73, also

less lo-fi and depressive, but this is probably my favorite black metal album


my random olde find of the day (via some rateyourmusic list of ‘weird metal’ or something) TIMEGHOUL


the Xasthur in particular… thank you!!!