\m/ lines metalheads \m/


Only saw neurosis once and they were brain meltingly good.


OK SO a neural network trained on Archspire is learning to make tech death metal right now and you can listen LIVE here and contract some kind of cyberpunk mind-virus probably, don’t blame me


my neurons just got carpal tunnel syndrome.

Update: I sent the link to my guitar player, himself a shredder and in touch with the greater shredding community it seems, and he sent it to (one of?) the guitar player(s) of Archspire. I missed it, but apparently the AI played a 30 second drums-only breakdown yesterday. What a future.


At one point I heard it do like 3mins of what sounded like acoustic guitar dark ambient before launching back into the blast churn.

Ha cool, hope they appreciate. If I were them I’d rip an arbitrary album’s worth and learn to play it :smiley:

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They should play a show and open for the AI. Maybe some animatronic band action?

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Been really into the band Fórn recently. https://forn.bandcamp.com/track/dweller-on-the-threshold

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I am absolutely obsessed by Light this city.

Perfect metal/metalcore album imo.


Not much of a metalhead here, although have been a huge fan of Godflesh since the start. They just do something very special!