m. manifeste - earthbound walkthrough

So this was released a little while ago through a label a couple of friends of mine started (one in Canada, the other in Belguim). The idea (such as it is) behind the label is to release free/streamable albums that can also be purchased as individual stereo lathe cuts. These are meant to be kept in print for as long as possible, so the physical copies are made available in whatever amount are requested.

This was my first official recorded-to-be-released-as-one-thing release using Norns are a primary source/instrument/whatever, recorded over a 6 month period. I used a mix of various Norns scripts (mostly Cranes and Compass) as well as glitch_ds loaded with various homemade/chopped samples and some field recordings from around Japan and Taiwan by my friend Catarina (you can see her pictures on Instagram @wcata).

I’m happy with the results and, dare I say it, even proud of the final mixes. There’s a second release recorded around the same time which I’m planning to release this spring, as well :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, etc

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