m. manifeste - sketches one

I decided after sitting with some ideas and sketches for a while to make these available, despite their unfinished nature. I suspect that most (all?) of us have files upon files of sketch/demo recordings; .wavs of half-finished ideas, partial attempts, incomplete thoughts, etc.

There are three ideas here, if you're interested
  1. for piano was just messing around with mlr using “Für Alina” as a source. Ultimately I want to go in a different direction than what’s here but it’s a nice start.

  2. fweeloader was me and my wife goofing around. The first bit is the two of us, her on trumpet, me on ukulele, using here-there but we didn’t get to the drones because one of our dogs started singing along and it cracked us up; the rest is me using Compass.

  3. judy went bowling version one is the start of something that doesn’t fit into what I normally do at all, but I want to keep working on it. I imagine the final form to be somewhere between Animal Collective, MBV, and The Caretaker. We’ll see how it goes. What’s on here was made with Synthy.


I deeply appreciate your putting out into the world work that is unfinished. I have had a real problem with endlessly creating and never seeming to finish a thing. It takes vulnerability to put something out there that you don’t consider in a way to be ready to go out. I like it.

I threw a little cheese your way so I could add to my Bandcamp collection to remind me how I found it inspiring.


Thanks so much for the feedback (and cheese); I’m glad this could provide some positive impetus :relaxed:

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Thanks for posting this - as Brett said, it is inspiring.
Let’s just move and create.

(I hear some Für Alina in there.)

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Good ears there; I’d prefer not to use that recording in an official/final capacity but maybe have a pianist friend help me out and do a live source recording. I just thought it would make a good source with the long decay and the beautiful melodies.

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It is a good source indeed! I love the way you’re using it.

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