M p k m c

this is about difficult growth
this is realizing an end after it's ended
this is stumbling over my sentences
this is trying to figure out me
this is about the strangers that raised me
this is for my cat

today I’m sharing a thing that has been a difficult thing share ! It’s a thing about family struggles, struggling w/ the legitimacy of these struggles, and finding ways to express these struggles.

most of the work I make is focused on improvisation and emergence but this one is different. It was all composed in string on conciseness sessions on my computer and phone and guitar over the holidays, traveling on planes and cars and in airports around people who largely don’t acknowledge that I’m a creative person. it is an imprint of that experience and their voices and our surroundings bleed in through the pinhole mic on the laptop that they bought me.

this community is a light and I hope u enjoy these expressions <3


really nice work, thanks for sharing. by the end i was ready to walk straight out of the office and go find a spot in the sun :deciduous_tree: :partly_sunny: :deciduous_tree:


i look forward to listening!


looking forward ti giving this a really focused listen ! congrats man and thank you for sharing


Woof, this captures a strong resonant headspace for me. Thank you for sharing @andrew

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Wow… that was lovely - far more subtle than I expected, somehow. I believe I understand the sentiment better than I ought to (perhaps?) about family. Thank you for sharing. :ok_hand:t3: Nice works… really, and great to hear acoustic sounds as well. :slight_smile:

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this is a really silly question but when ya’ll go to like export yr album to mp3s and set up the metadata is there a good program for doing that short of uploading to bandcamp and re-downloading (current process). 4 context I jus wanna keep an album sitting on my phone and mess with the titles and song order & all that stuff

(didn’t know where to put this so putting it here bc this my thread and I can do what I want hehe)


I use xld

It’s pretty okay for this, but I would love to hear of other options

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