M18s (0.4 update, ux improvements + output modes)

Thanks so much for the help. Just did a reboot of druid, double checked that everything in my bowery folder looked right, and this time it actually ran successfully, so I think it’s all good! Not sure what was freezing druid before but I’ll let you know if it happens again.

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okay yes, fwiw, i have experienced some random druid failures in the course of development similar to what you describe…things like it stalling out, it needing a reboot/unplug of the crow usb cable sometimes. I haven’t filed any issues in the druid repo yet, because I haven’t been able to get a consistent reproduce where I feel like an issue would be useful. Maybe one of us will figure out what is causing it to fail one of these days and we can get that fixed to prevent it from happening.

Sorry it was some trouble getting up, but I’m glad you’ve got it up and running now! Please share what you end up making with it!

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so after using this for a bit…the current interface (or lack there of) is frustrating…I love the sounds that come out of it but it is a pain to get to the good stuff. Not to mention reports of this causing other people’s crows to be unresponsive (I’m assuming due to script length).

My plan is to port to norns (which will both output sound, engine TBD and send cv/gate signals to crow). You’ll be able to peform with the sequencer with grid integration (the non-grid interface method will be randomize and tweak, similar to the way you’d use it with crow, but much easier). I’ll keep a standalone version in the repo (with some optimizations to make the code a little more elegant and shorter I’ve been planning).

Consider this page “under construction”


I’m super excited to share norns m18s! here’s a video of me playing it:

I’ve updated the repo with the new version, as well as updated the docs on the top post above to explain a bit more about how it works. It’ll be available via maiden as soon as the commit is merged to put it in there!

I’d love any feedback y’all have. And to be clear, I’m planning more than just this “RESET” program, but I think enough is there to have some fun with it in case anyone is curious and wants to try it out!


I finally gave this a try. Thank you for sharing your work, I think it’s interesting to experience how other progress through their creations. I enjoyed the crow standalone version before, even if it wasn’t the most fluid sequence creating workflow, it was fun.
Can’t wait to be able to edit all the step parameters throught norns. It’s also interesting to imagine how to incorporate the grid for further control and visualization, as others mentioned.

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Awesome thanks for the feedback!

Got some great ux feedback from @papernoise which I’ll be incorporating in the next release, which I hope to have up in a few days.

I’ve been tossing around different grid interfaces in my head and I think I’ve nailed down a direction. Because each voice can be a maximum of 64 stages, I don’t think it’s a good idea to max out a 128 with just that. It wouldn’t really give you a lot of control…I think I will dedicate 64 steps (4 rows) for step edit (with ability to control voice one two or both simultaneously…which will take up a few keys in the row above). One or two rows will be snapshot saving where you can recall different sequence states (notes, start/end, modes etc). That leaves an extra 1 or 2 rows for things like note/octave setting, etc.


this looks so cool!
will you by chance adding MIDI?


this would be great. please do

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Meant to have this ready a long time ago, but there’s finally an update! You can install/update via the maiden package manager.

As I was coding this, I was having a lot of fun with the fixed length modes (with some loosely related number of steps for each, like 6 + 10) along with some rhythmically-related delays you can create some pretty fun networks of sound!

Here’s some videos showing the new stuff:


Hi, awesome work… any update so far?
Moreover, in case you touch it again, please do not make Grid the only interface… this would let lots of people out of using it, as happens with many script at the moment.

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Hey @Simone_Tomaselli sorry, unfortunately no updates since the last one on my end. Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up. I would approach grid addition to add the ability to make changes as more of a performance type of workflow (reset to arbitrary positions, etc.).

For people looking at this, more recently there are the grid-based skylines and metrix that have been created and shared.

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Yes, but Metrix is usable only with Grid, it’s the problem I was telling you.
Maybe if I find the time (and understand the code) I could fork your m18s.

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Yep totally (I wanted to just do an update for other people who happened to be looking).

And that would be awesome, would love to see what you come up with with it.

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