M4L Ableton Clip Launcher?

I am a long time pages user but I am wondering if I would get more utility out of a clip launcher that was built into my default Ableton set. Is anyone successfully using a M4L clip launcher you would recommend?

I’m actually surprised that it seems nobody has done a varibright clip launcher yet (correct me if I’m wrong)

(probably not a worthy enough use case in times of 100$ launchpads?)

I didn’t see this thread at the time of posting, but I posted on a similar topic here:

LiveControl utilizes Midi Remote Scripts and thusly doesn’t even require M4L to interface a monome. the problem here is having to use monomebridge since LiveControl hasn’t been ported to SerialOSC. maybe a M4L version of monomebridge would be a solution if the Midi Remote Script coding is problematic?

I used to use Myr’s M4L clip launcher. It was the best clip launcher. I used it with pages, but pages doesn’t seem to be working now with yosemite or some other issue. I’m trying to work it out.

anyone know if it’s possible to do a clip launcher in m4l with a focus box? (like when using midi remote scripts e.g. LiveOSC)? i’ve tried Myr’s m4l clip launcher, but it’s hard to know which clips are being visualized on the grid…

(by ‘focus box’ i mean the box that shows u which clips are in focus)

@FLCON I’ve also had issues with pages, which is a large reason as to why I’m using LiveControl, but in my quest to resolve pages I’ve read that 64 but ableton is often the culprit. If you can switch to a 32 bit ableton version and use Max 6 with the proper externals installed, I think you may have some luck. It may be worth starting a new thread if that doesn’t resolve your issue!

Has anyone got a DL of myr’s clip launcher. I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

Myr posted links in this thread- http://monome.org/community/discussion/16969/poll-max4live-support-and-future-directions/p1

In my own damn thread! (thank you)

is myr up here? does anyone know if their note entry max app was working on in 2013 (mentioned working to get it in m4l) still exists?

i was looking for really any m4l enabler of grid to simple note entry.

any thoughts?

i know stretta had an oddly named app that seemed to do just what i wanted a long time ago. portable to live? mabalhabla. would that work in m4l?

stretta’s app was called fourths.

I’m pretty fond of Monome Notes because it is so flexible in how you can set it up (including in fourths).

While you could port this to m4l, I guess I don’t really see why? It just outputs notes on keypresses. Not sure what you’d gain with m4l.

edit: oops, you were looking for mabalhabla. That’s here:


thanks! will try em out. guessing max6 will handle them?

i want them in m4l as i am anal and like to keep my system in one place. the thing i don’t like about max is having everything all over the place as i don’t have a great file system for my straggler apps here and there. i just conceptually like the idea of having everything in one place. helps me think. and live at this point for better or worse is my #1thinkingground

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Yeah, they should be fine in max6.

notes looking good. odd it has no led feedback. but i can’t be too concerned with aesthetics when function is so high and easy. about to watch some max4live vids!

oh, weird. it has LED feedback for me.