M4l patch that split up the grid

I want to use my 128 as two 64’s. I think there was an m4l patch for this, but I can’t remember the name or find anything so far.

I have had poor luck with the splitting/spanning apps.

I just had a thought. How can I hack 64grid to only register on the other half of a 128? So regular 64grid would pick up the first half of the 128. Load the “hacked” version of 64grid on a separate track to pick up the other half? Does that make sense?

Edit: Oh then the notes would be weird though…hmmm

there’s a quadrants2 m4l version by @elquinto, I think … but without varibright support afaik. I remember @tehn mentioning (some time ago) a splitter/spanner was in the works but nothing got released so far. Looking forward to a stable solution for this as well