M4L Tempo Sync?

This is a question for all Lines members that create with Max for Live or use Max/MSP actively. I’m trying to update my two previous M4L devices and some upcoming ones with syncable tempo options with Live. So far I haven’t had much luck, the explanation of the Transport object haven’t helped very much and I’m not quite sure what a good way to do this would be. What so you guys use for syncing tempos in M4L?


Not really an expert, but maybe this might help:

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plugsync~ is definitely the way to go. Had no issues syncing with a similar method as is described in that post (although i’m not quite sure what the point of multiplying by 600, then dividing by 300 is. Seems to me like * 2. would also do the job?)

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@papernoise @x2mirko thank you guys! I’ll check it out. And yeah I have no idea what the purpose of the 600 is, I’ll test it out and see though.