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Super saw can become quite the rabbit hole for a developer, along with unison and detune. While I did not do the coding myself, a friend working on a commercially available synth, told me everyday, a whole summer long, about his findings and iterations on the topic :joy:


he’s developed more than a few synths w supersaw in the past.

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Anyone sort out a good (very small) microphone to use with the M8? Thanks.

i imagine mic pre - a tiny line-level electret microphone preamp for Norns/modular/field recording and whatnot would work well if some light diy is an option


I settled on a Zoom H1n. Critter Guitari Microphone is another option in the same price range, but H1n offers quite a bit more. (Guilt from supporting Zoom instead of CG assuaged by owning 2 Organelles.)


Thanks, @4321. Yeah, that looks like a good option. I am hoping for something small enough it’d fit in the case with the M8.

And thanks, @rbxbx. I’m not sure my meager abilities are even up to that light level DIY, but I’m thinking about giving it a go.

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Any of you guys have favorite scripts for Norns and the m8? Was having a lot of fun yesterday, going to try to get the audio over usb working.

Was having weird creative blocks while I was jamming, though, probably just because of all the stopping and starting setting up midi connections.

I didn’t know that audio over usb worked between Norns and M8! Is it just plug and play or do you have to write code?

Had to mess around with the connect-opz code and managed to get audio into Norns from the M8.

Not able to get audio back into M8 from the Norns.


Oh, I’ll probably just continue to transfer recordings with my computer and i/o then.

Have you seen any of the small coin-cell powered cheap electrets for cameras/phones/vlogging? Some google hunting turned up the movo lv1 lavaliere, has a trrs connection but can probably be adapted to the trs that the m8 wants, and it’s all of $13 from the online super store which will not be named.

It probably needs a ton of gain since it’s probably a mic level signal and the M8 is looking for something more like a line in.

I’ve got a Sony stereo clip on mic that originally came with a md recorder that can run on a little button cell or plug in power. It works with the m8, but extremely quiet. Looks like the current version of it that is still available is pip only.

That’s a cool suggestion, and cheap enough that it’s worth as an experiment. If I give it a go, I’ll report back. Thanks.

this lil critter & guitari mic was just brought to my attention, definitely meets small criteria, unsure about very small though


has a lil battery powered pre in it so I imagine it would work well with the m8


Yeah, that one is on my mind. Can’t I want something smaller? :slight_smile:

I like the look of this but can’t seem to find one shippable to the UK currently.

I’ll have to settle for my Zoom 2qn for direct recording to the M8.

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