Mackie C4 controller - an Ableton Midi remote script for it

together with a very nice soul (Jon), we managed to build a working midi remote control script for the Mackie C4 controller.
See: GitHub - markusschloesser/MackieC4_P3: A Mackie C4 Ableton 11 Remote Script, WiP

This is one example of what it looks like when using it:

I thought / hope that might be of interest to a couple of people here :slight_smile:

For those not familiar with the MackieC4, it has 32 encoders/vpots with encoder rings and a corresponding display for all 32 encoders. If you manage to find one, they are also imo quite affordable (I paid 350€ for mine). Unfortunately the amount of characters per encoder display segment is limited to 6 (per line), but the script takes care of abbreviating.
You can also “bank” through pages of parameters, so for example the Wavetable instrument currently shows a hundred or so.
You’ll find further info at the Github repo, a couple of wiki pages on how to “install” and how to use (“manual”), lots of ideas and of course a couple of issues :innocent:.

I / we are also looking for people interested in taking this to the next level, as the current code is mainly based on old-ish other scripts. So refactoring this to use the ControlSurface v2 class is one step in this direction, which imho could enable things like a step sequencer mode, or 32 volume channel etc etc.

I do welcome all collaborators :slight_smile: