MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and serialosc


I am not really sure how to do that, but perhaps this post helps?


Ill take a look, what driver should I be using with the latest serialosc build?


The one that comes with High Sierra.


ok I ran this as super user, “cd /Library/Extensions” then “sudo rm -rf FTDISerialDriver.kext”

Same result as before, monome works when lugged from boot, hot-plugging does not.

Any ideas?


I’m out of ideas, but perhaps this thread could be of help? Make sure you have 1) serialosc 1.4.1 (reinstall it if you’ve got compiled stuff in /usr/local) 2) Apple’s built-in FTDI driver 3) No third-party drivers


Ok Ive fully reverted back to the apple drivers, and reinstalled serial osc 1.4.1
hot plugging still not working


Ok, what happens if you try the following in Terminal:

launchctl unload "/Library/LaunchAgents/org.monome.serialosc.plist"
cd "/Library/Application Support/Monome/serialosc.bundle/Contents/MacOS"
PATH=.:$PATH ./serialoscd

…then plug the grid in and out a few times.


alistairs-mbp:~ alistairmessom$ launchctl unload "/Library/LaunchAgents/org.monome.serialosc.plist"
alistairs-mbp:~ alistairmessom$ cd “Library/Application Support/Monome/serialosc.bundle/Contents/MacOS”
-bash: cd: Library/Application Support/Monome/serialosc.bundle/Contents/MacOS: No such file or directory
alistairs-mbp:~ alistairmessom$ PATH=.:$PATH ./serialoscd
-bash: ./serialoscd: No such file or directory
alistairs-mbp:~ alistairmessom$


Sorry, I forgot the leading / in the 2nd line, post above edited.


ok tried this, cursor is flashing in terminal for quite a while


Ok, what happens if you run the following from the serialosc bundle directory?
PATH=.:$PATH ./serialosc-device /dev/tty.usbserial-m64_0716


libmonome: could not open monome device: No such file or directory
./serialosc-device: failed to open device /dev/tty.usbserial-m64_0716


Are you sure you have the Apple driver loaded? What is the output of the following?
ls /dev/tty.usbserial*


i get no such file / directory on that one


Can you try your grid with another computer? Because this sounds like problems with your OS and/or hardware. Cable perhaps?


I haven’t got access to another computer right now, but the device works fine on boot, its just when i unplug and replug it isn’t detected again


running this, system_profiler SPUSBDataType

gives me
monome 64:

              Product ID: 0x6001
              Vendor ID: 0x0403  (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
              Version: 6.00
              Serial Number: m64-0716
              Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
              Manufacturer: monome
              Location ID: 0x14114000 / 22
              Current Available (mA): 500
              Current Required (mA): 500
              Extra Operating Current (mA): 0


This is normal. But if the grid doesn’t reappear in system profiler and /dev after a replug, check your OS and drivers, seriously. It’s also good to try that on another Mac. Also, does the problem above happen with other USB devices? Other FTDI-based devices?


News about new installers?
I’m blocked


Are you already on 1.4.1?