Madrid (sup?)

So have just relocated to Madrid (from Manchester) with @Angela, and although I’ll be back and forth for work, I’ve spent no meaningful amount of time in Madrid before (other than being born!).

Is anyone based in Madrid?
Can anyone suggest interesting places, venues, nights, or promoters?
Does anyone know any cool people to meet/chat/jam with?


hola rodrigo!
not in madrid, but in barcelona (we´re close!). drop me a pm if you come here some day :slight_smile:

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Yeah will do. I’ll likely pop over at some point as @Angela has some family there.


hi Ridrigo,
i’m in barcelona as well
we can have a minimonomeet if you come by


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That would be cool!

I’ve not done national transport/train or anything yet. Is it easy/fast/cheap getting back and forth between Barcelona/Madrid?

shure, there is a fast train madrid-bcn, the AVE
i think it’s about 70-80€ the round trip if you get it with time

Ah right, not too bad. Much more expensive than advance tickets from Manchester to London for example (can be like £30-40 round trip with advance tickets).

Rodrigo!!! a fan of your work here, and a Madrid based guy, i’m actually playing records this friday and i’m connected with the electronic music scene here. Work in a studio too…
Always open for Jamming and sharing in the studio, and aside from my electronic stuff i do play bass too and jam every once in a while in some of the many Jazz night Jams. Drop me a PM and i’ll be happy to walk u around :slight_smile:


We are a small but active monome community here too, (maybe it’d be great to do a Mad-Bcn connection Pauk :wink: ) with Arcanoid and some other guys… We also brought Brian here a couple of years ago to Fundacion Telefonica

Edit: BTW Natasha Barret is coming this next wednesday

Oh awesome!

Just arrived yesterday and still getting oriented/settled (got electricity turned on finally, but still no home wifi (at starbucks at the moment)).

But yeah I’ll drop you a PM and we can meet up! (I’m around Tetuan, but it’s easy enough to get around anywhere)

And doing a monome-y thing would be fantastic.

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Hi guys,
Ken Yamamoti (kza) and me are having an artistic residency @matadero here in Madrid.
We have our grids’n’arcs’norns.
If anyone is up for a beer, let us know :ok_hand::beers:

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